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Resilience and Agility in Action

Across the country and around the world, ePlus teams are partnering with our customers to address today’s unprecedented challenges and shifting needs across the IT landscape. Below are snippets of success to share how organizations are leveraging technology to adapt and thrive as they mitigate disruption with ePlus by their side.

Agility in Security & Networking

As organizations needed to securely expand their networks and security protocols to support remote workforces, our teams were hard at work helping them seamlessly transition to a new way of operating.

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Agility in Healthcare

Our healthcare customers are working tirelessly to care for patients and ePlus teams are working tirelessly to support them. Check out some of the ways ePlus is acting as an extension of their support teams and assisting these customers however we can.

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Accelerated VDI Expansion via Cloud-Based Services

A large organization faced an immediate and unexpected challenge to support 20,000 users to work from home—but current compute and networking limitations could not accommodate adding the necessary capacity to their virtual desktop environment. The company reached out to ePlus for technical guidance on a Friday. Working around-the-clock and through the weekend, ePlus mobilized a team of nearly 20 engineers from across the country to design, build, configure, test, and deploy an extension of the customer’s existing VMware Horizon environment into Microsoft Azure in under a week’s time. Connected to the customer’s on-premise data center, the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment allows remote workers to run their business applications and continue providing services from home. By leveraging the cloud, the customer is able to rapidly provision and deprovision desktops as needs change. Because of the speed and success of the engagement, the organization asked ePlus to expand the environment to support up to 40,000 users—delivering the scalability and agility to be prepared for the unknown that lies ahead.


Fast, Secure, Work Around for Remote Work Force

A government customer needed to increase remote work and VPN capabilities from supporting 500 employees to supporting 8000 within just a couple of days, but their network firewalls were woefully undersized to accommodate the uptick in traffic. The ePlus team was able to help the customer leverage their existing VMWare environment and Cisco Virtual ASA platform to get a virtual appliance running. This enabled the organization to do a complete switch-over to a new remote environment in a day and a half.


Quick Staffing Turnaround for a Children’s Hospital

A children’s hospital reached out to our Sales Enablement Manager, requesting multiple Desktop Support Technicians to immediately help mitigate COVID-19 by transitioning their end users to a remote desktop/laptop setup with imaging and technical support. Our Staffing Support Specialist initialized the search quickly, and our team efficiently filled the three staffing placements. The customer is impressed with the quick turnaround and has asked for additional staffing support.


Staging to Speed Coronavirus Testing in the Field

A clinical laboratory customer and one of the major testing centers for the virus outbreak needed to immediately increase the number of laptops and testing sites. Since ePlus already performs imaging services for the customer, it positioned us well to perform services quickly and efficiently, including purchasing, acquiring, staging/imaging, and then repackaging and shipping 500+ laptops to deploy out in the field. ePlus worked with the OEM to move the customer to the front of the assembly line and have the product shipped directly to ePlus for a quick two-day turnaround.


On-Demand Assistance for a School District

A school district required assistance to setup platforms and systems to enable distance learning to begin as of Monday of following week. ePlus provided On Demand services to help the district configure its VoIP system to accommodate this type of service on its existing Cisco infrastructure.

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