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Driving Innovation on Azure through Ongoing Operational Excellence

The pace of innovation is faster than ever, and finding, training, and retaining Azure expertise is a constant challenge. ePlus Cloud Managed Services (ECMS) for Azure can help offload the task of managing your cloud infrastructure and allow you to focus on driving business and differentiating from your competition—while at the same time optimizing spend and reducing risk.

Public Cloud Managed Services


When Public Cloud and Managed Services Intersect

ECMS is an all US-based, 24x7x365 Azure Managed Services practice with certified architects and engineers who deeply understand cloud and how it fits into modern application deployments (such as containerized workloads and Platform as a Service offerings). It all comes down to our unique combination of people, process, and tools—bringing you greater visibility and intelligence to guide business decisions, mitigate risk, and improve operational efficiency.

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ECMS - Configuration and Deployment

Configuration and Deployment

Leverage configuration and Well-Architected Frameworks with fully-automated deployments.

Security and Governance

Security and Governance

Decrease your risk with hardened, best practice configuration and ongoing validation.

ECMS - FinOps


Get the most out of your Azure environment with a FinOps mindset for cost-effective and optimal consumption.


Global Equipment and Tool Rental Company Leverages ePlus Cloud Managed Services for Azure

This industry leader accelerates their business with unique and market-differentiated services on Microsoft Azure, executing multiple new product launches in Azure—on average 45 days ahead of schedule—and enjoying cost savings of 38% of its total Azure spend through ePlus FinOps practices.

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Lessons Learned in Azure Managed Services: An Introduction

Welcome to our first ePlus Cloud Managed Services (ECMS) blog. We developed this blog series to provide relevant content and tips, practical use cases, and examples of how to reduce risk and optimize spend. Let’s start by sharing a bit about ePlus, and explain how we’ve gained a unique perspective in the Azure Managed Services space.

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Manage and Optimize Your Azure Consumption with FinOps

FinOps is one of the eight core tenets of the ePlus Cloud Managed Services approach. With an integrated and mature approach to FinOps, you can effectively consume cloud at scale while measuring the true value that it brings to your business. Read more, including a real-world use case.

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Getting a Consistent Result with Ongoing Validation

Learn more about ePlus’ approach to Ongoing Validation and how we've been able to help organizations ensure that no matter who deploys instances in Azure—with what toolset or approach—they get a consistent result.

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Bringing IaC Concepts to Non-IaC Deployment

So what does that even mean? Most IT staff have heard of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) but committing fully to it eludes a lot of organizations. Why is that? Check out a technical deep dive exploring how integrating any of the concepts of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) into your existing non-IaC automation approach will pay dividends.

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PaaS Right Sizing

At ePlus, we’re big fans of Microsoft Azure's built-in cost optimization tooling and leverage it heavily. However, there are a few gaps from our view, and we've built tools to help other organizations resolve those shortcomings—one of which is the right sizing of various Platform as a Service (PaaS) instances.

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Microsoft Network Ranges

Microsoft owns a lot of IP blocks—at last count ~95K. If you've reviewed requirements for a service or application that consumes other Microsoft services, you may be daunted by the need to determine which IP blocks are needed. Microsoft Service Tags can help, but some firewalls do not support them. ePlus has created a handy tool that can help.

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