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Architectures for Supporting IoT Objectives

What does IoT mean for your organization? How do you deploy hundreds, thousands, or millions of devices without compromising network response times, regulatory requirements, or security? Who has the knowledge and resources to manage the environment even as it grows more complex?

Resilient IoT uses our READI process to answer these questions and define a long-term plan for network modernization. With READI, we create the redundant, fault-tolerant, self-healing, and self-recovering infrastructure organizations need for IoT.

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Data to Drive Innovation

Resilient IoT leverages proven technologies to establish layers of connectivity and bridge the organizational and infrastructure gaps that otherwise limit visibility and control at the network edge. More aware and responsive architectures enable organizations to capture and aggregate data and drive increasingly sophisticated solutions using automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.

Engagements deliver immediate results while implementing foundational technologies for further leveraging IoT. Our approach is practical and focused on delivering technologies that offer long-term value.

Given the complex nature of hyper-converged infrastructure, we can supplement in-house resources as needed with managed services and consults with highly specialized technical experts. Like other ePlus services, Resilient IoT provides end-to-end support.

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The ePlus Difference

ePlus distinguishes itself by having a team that understands both the IT and Operational side of an organization. The true nature of an IoT solution requires both of these traditionally siloed groups to be included in an overall strategy. Too often this is overlooked, resulting in a challenging environment to manage, or in exposing many security vulnerabilities. Proper design requires multiple layers of redundancy and protocol maximizing the long term viability of whatever is placed on this infrastructure.

ePlus creates a modular, more scalable network where decisions can be made dynamically out in the field more efficiently than simply collecting the information, and relying on human user input or passive reporting. One of the barriers to IoT in the enterprise infrastructure is reliable, efficient, resilient and low cost wireless connectivity. Leveraging modern connectivity options such as Private LTE and 5G help deliver secure and scalable IoT deployments to meet the demand of critical business applications. These solutions can provide a much more reliable connections in the enterprise IoT infrastructure.

We work with your organizations to implement consistent policy, consistent architecture, security, visibility, and intelligence. That's where we make the difference.

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