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Why ePlus for Healthcare Financing?

We get it. The current economic outlook is challenging, and the issues are the same for everyone. But healthcare is different. Years of struggling through a pandemic, facing what once may have been unimaginable tragedy and stressful working conditions, has put you in a unique position.

For the last two years, you have operated in emergency mode, placing the health and well-being of patients far above everything else, and now you need to resume a more normal pace of operations.

This includes investing in new technology. And that’s where we can help.

We understand the complexity of the healthcare market, including the unique decision-making process and government regulations. This insight allows us to create a long-term road map for technology acquisition so you can maintain delivery of state-of-the-art patient care while maximizing reimbursements.

Benefits of financing from ePlus include:

  • 100% financing including hardware, software and services from IT equipment to MRIs, digital X-rays, nuclear medicine, intravenous pumps, furniture, and fixtures
  • Flexible end-of-term options (including operating and capital leases, loans, purchase-leaseback of installed equipment, and tax-exempt instruments)
  • Extended and Installment Purchase Agreements
  • Consumption and subscription payment options for qualifying technologies
  • Manufacturer-independent financing and management for unique pricing viewpoints
  • Protection against obsolescence
  • Pay-per-procedure programs available
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