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Secure Workforce Awareness Training (S.W.A.T)

As workforces move into remote and dispersed environments -- in some cases for a sustained period – new challenges arise with regard to securing data and networks.  Our comprehensive ePlus Secure Workforce Awareness Training (SWAT) Series digs deeper into security technologies that enable secure remote operations.

Presented in conjunction with our partners Netskope, Cisco, Okta, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks, each webinar provides a clear and concise ‘how-to’ demonstration of key security solutions and a review of free offers available now. Plus, each session ends with Q&A where our teams address specific questions faced by live viewers. Click on any of the topics below to watch now. 

SWAT Webinar Series

Cloud Application Access and Usage

Watch now to preview technology that protects against exfiltration of data from threats and malware, secures remote user access to applications, protects sensitive data and ensures strong authentication. In addition to giving you an overview of how to use the technology, this session points you to resources and support that will enable quick and efficient implementation.

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Breach Defense: Securing the Remote Worker or Workforce

More users than ever are working from home and it's up to your security team to make sure they are protected on any device, wherever and whenever they choose to work. In this session, ePlus and experts from Cisco discuss on how Cisco’s simple, scalable, integrated security solution can protect your workforce everywhere.

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Ensuring Secure Access to Applications and Data for the Expanding Remote Work Environment

In this webinar, we make the case for multi-factor authentication, cover single sign on (SSO) and why is it important and discuss how to manage the lifecycle of user and contractor access to applications. Viewers will be able to preview Okta Identity Cloud, learn how it enables secure remote access and tackle how to get started using SSO and MFA solutions.

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Optimizing Cost, Performance and Security to Maintain Work-From-Home Efficiency

As the time required to work remotely continues to increase, organizations will need to look at ways to optimize cost, performance and security due to this paradigm shift. This webinar walks through some real-world examples and provides practical advice to aid organizations as this challenge continues.  This session is in partnership with the BrightTALK Summit: Coronavirus: Mitigating Business Impact.

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Enable Secure Remote Work at Scale and Maintain Business Continuity and Productivity

In this webinar, ePlus and Fortinet experts discuss how to add security to the user authentication and authorization process, enabling secure access to applications and associated data. We address a variety of solutions that enable secure remote access including VPN, Time to value, Secure SD-WAN and Advanced Threat Prevention.

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SWAT-Palo Alto

Enable Secure Access, Protect Users and Applications, and Control Data – From Anywhere

As organizations pivot to enable a remote workforce, it is critical to provide secure access, protect users and applications and control data- from anywhere. With a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model, you can eliminate the added cost and complexity of using multiple point products that leave gaps in your security posture. In this session, we discuss the need for immediate, uninterrupted access, securing the application and data via point-to-point session-level security, zero trust models and minimizing the attack surface.

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