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Multi-domain Architecture

What happens when you need new resources right now? How do you find the time and budget to procure the right solution? How do you provision remote sites with full application access and hybrid-cloud on-ramping?

SDN is a strategy for modernizing traditional enterprise networks from the network edge all the way into the data center. With a multi-domain architecture approach, you can automatically apply one policy across your network and improve end-to-end security, visibility, and operational performance.

Network Automation

Standardized Environments for Modernizing Legacy Network Infrastructure

SDN encompasses all network layers: edge, remote sites, branch offices, data centers, and hybrid clouds. It reduces device sprawl, improves utilization, and simplifies provisioning and security policy creation and enforcement. Like other cloud services, it consolidates resources so they can be consumed, managed, and provisioned more efficiently.

Where it might take weeks or months to provision a new solution in a traditional environment, a multi-domain SDN architecture is designed for agility. Changing or adding resources or policies often can be done in hours or even minutes. This flexibility enables the network infrastructure to support new application workloads and service delivery models and data-intensive applications such as the internet of things (IoT).

SDN Knowledge

Practical Knowledge That Accelerates Adoption

SDN integrates easily with ePlus Hybrid Cloud Access. Each engagement is guided by our READI process and enables us to design the best strategy for your business needs and budget.

As SDN continues to evolve, we are always looking ahead to ensure that the technology remains aligned with your priorities and objectives. Our advice is practical and realistic and guided by your specific IT needs and business requirements.

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