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The needs of your business evolve and shift constantly. As such, it’s important to build a foundation that’s both strong and flexible, and which will allow you to navigate changes to your plans and your network with ease. Whatever you need, the entire ePlus team is ready to assist — from being a sounding board to providing consultative guidance and support.

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Crisis Management
Network & Security Considerations

Network & Security Considerations of Hybrid or Remote Workspace Models

Many of the most useful security technologies that we use in the office can easily scale to accommodate remote workforces (or support a hybrid model). While an upgraded license might be required to include coverage for new devices, some basic security protocols, such as remote access technologies (VPN, virtual desktops and network extension), multi-factor authentication software or next generation endpoint software or endpoint management software (MDM, EMM) can go a long way in protecting your network when workstations are being used in or outside of the office and become portable.

Security Training

Security Awareness Training

This is a basic but important step in enabling a flexible organization. Helping users who typically report to a brick and mortar office understand the risks associated with working remotely and enforcing training around phishing and scams is important. We work with partner organizations who offer online training that can be quickly spun up and rolled out to organizations looking to educate staff.

We’ve also launched our own Secure Workforce Awareness Training (SWAT) Webinar Series to help you explore technology that is available today, its uses and applications, as well as implementation.

Our comprehensive ePlus Secure Workforce Awareness Training (SWAT) Series digs deeper into security technologies that enable secure operations, from on-premise or remote locations. Presented in conjunction with our partners Netskope, Cisco, Okta, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks, each webinar provides a clear and concise ‘how-to’ demonstration of key security solutions, a review of free offers and a Q&A where our teams address specific questions faced by live viewers. Watch now on-demand.

Reach our security team at security@eplus.com if you have questions about your specific needs.  Learn more about our complete security offerings or read our blog.
Cloud Solutions

Rapid Deployments via Cloud

Many organizations recently reacted to a sudden need to support dispersed workforces, which presented them with unique challenges ranging from accommodating remote access capacity and lack of necessary infrastructure to support it to scalability and security of cloud-based networks.

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud services is the ability to rapidly deploy services on-demand and then turn them off when no longer needed. Whether you already have a virtual desktop strategy for remote access or no strategy developed at all, the cloud can be the perfect platform to rapidly deploy remote users or provide “burst” capacity as needed.

Although this needs to be accomplished quickly, it also needs to be done in a secure and controlled fashion. Cloud security can’t be overlooked. Wherever your workforce is based and however information is traversing your network, increased dependency on the cloud requires that a plan exist for how to seamlessly improve visibility and access to these applications with zero disruption and tight security protocols in place.

ePlus collaborates with our customers to accelerate the deployment of remote access capabilities via virtual desktops in the cloud while maintaining the required level of security, governance, monitoring, and control. Read more about our Accelerated Horizon VDI on Azure offering.

Reach our cloud team at cloud@eplus.com if you have questions about your specific needs.  Learn more about our complete cloud offerings.


Collaboration Tools to Help Stay Connected

Effectively leveraging collaboration technologies is a crucial component to enabling effective telework scenarios. Multiple solutions are available to support this, including hardware and software communication endpoints that operate remotely, or rich-media meeting solutions that enable remote workers to remain connected to each other, regardless of physical location. Take the time to evaluate your environment to ensure that your deployments are prepared to enable remote workers and adequate to support increased scale.

Reach our collaboration team at collaboration@eplus.com if you have questions about your specific needs. Learn more about our  complete collaboration offerings.


Leasing and Financing

When unexpected costs present themselves, leasing and financing solutions can help. Worsening credit markets may mean that organizations have trouble accessing funds to support the technology they need to keep their businesses running. Payment programs can help offset unbudgeted costs associated with incurred expenses in support of expanded work from home programs or development of hybrid workplace models.

Reach our finance team at leasing@eplus.com if you have questions about your specific needs. Learn more about our complete leasing and financing offers.


Service Offerings to Keep Business Moving Forward

Leveraging third-party support services can help you ensure operational continuity as you move your workforce to remote facilities (or home) and/or plan for a return to the office as business re-emerges. Managed and professional services are available for everything from service desk and security to network infrastructure. Augmenting your current operations with managed services, even on a temporary basis, can help you to mitigate disruptions. Utilizing local on-site resources or remote engineering support can also extend the reach of your teams, from On-Demand “Smart Hands” to staffing, call center and help desk assistance, and staging/imaging.

Reach our services team at services@eplus.com if you have questions about your specific needs. Learn more about our complete services offerings.

Resilience and Agility in Action

Across the country and around the world, ePlus teams are helping our customers leverage technology to mitigate disruption and support their organizations during these unprecedented times.  Read more...

Accelerated VDI Expansion via Cloud-Based Services

Support for 20,000 remote workers orchestrated in less than a week

A large organization faced an immediate and unexpected challenge to support 20,000 users to work from home. ePlus mobilized a team of nearly 20 engineers from across the country to design, build, configure, test, and deploy an extension of the customer’s existing VMware Horizon environment into Microsoft Azure in under a week’s time. Because of the speed and success of the engagement, the organization asked ePlus to expand the environment to support up to 40,000 users—delivering the scalability and agility to be prepared for the unknown that lies ahead.

Remote Workforce

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