Public Cloud

Accelerate your ability to adopt new capabilities by leveraging the top cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Office 365, and GCP.

Cloud Consulting Services

Lean on the experts to help align your business and cloud strategies, build your cloud foundation, accelerate cloud adoption, and optimize cloud deployments.

Cloud Adoption Lifecycle

Learn how the ePlus Cloud Adoption Lifecycle can help accelerate your assessment, migration, and optimization of workloads to the cloud.

Cloud Managed Services

Continuous visibility and guidance for operational excellence as you deliver services in the public cloud.

Cloud Hosted Services

Customized cloud solutions with white glove support for your Managed Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Hosted Infrastructure needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Embrace a hybrid cloud strategy to leverage solutions within the Data Center and Public Cloud to function like a true Service Provider to your business.

Private Cloud

Design, build, and manage an enterprise private cloud that allows you to expand into a hybrid, multi-cloud world.


Deploy across multiple cloud while maintaining high availability, predictable performance, control, visibility, and security.


Leverage the advantages of automation and achieve your goals of faster time to market as you pivot towards Infrastructure as Code.


Manage operating expenditures in the cloud by improving collaboration between IT, finance, and business units and establishing financial accountability for cloud spend.



Chart Your Journey to Modernization

Managing today’s disruption and complexity has accentuated the importance of agility and digital innovation—and directly impacts your journey to modernization.

Let ePlus be your guide to help solve your modernization challenges and support your organization’s ongoing transformation. Leverage our expertise to create your cloud-enabled enterprise architecture by modernizing your data center, extending capabilities to the cloud, and accelerating and optimizing your cloud deployments.

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Choose Your Own Adventure with AWS GameDay

See what unfolds in a collaborative learning exercise to implement AWS solutions in a gamified, risk-free environment for a fictional startup with a comical deadline.

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How to Optimize Your Microsoft 365 Subscription

Microsoft 365 pricing and subscription options will be changing considerably on March 1, 2022, and there are ways that you can, and should, optimize your subscriptions before then. Find out how ePlus can help.

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CHOC Leverages ePlus and AWS to Build a Secure Remote Access and Disaster Recovery Enablement Environment

"ePlus played a crucial role in helping us support our virtual desktop workloads and shore up our recovery capabilities, enabling our essential workforce while bolstering data protection."

- Adam Gold, Chief Technology Officer, CHOC

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Adopting a Cloud FinOps Approach Begins with Visibility

Organizations need to make smart investments in public cloud to minimize wasted costs and to get real business value. That’s where FinOps—or cloud financial operations—comes in.

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Practical Guide to Optimizing Your Cloud Deployments

ePlus and AWS can deliver an optimized cloud experience, bringing clarity to your organization’s cloud journey, accelerating migration to the cloud, reducing costs, and improving your overall experience.

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Put Operational Excellence Within Reach

Alleviate the pressure on your IT team and help them overcome cost, security, and data protection challenges. See how our suite of ePlus Public Cloud Managed Services provides the visibility and guidance you need.

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