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AI Envisioning Workshop

This workshop will share with you the latest AI trends and insights, showcasing how this revolutionary technology can empower your enterprise. Through interactive sessions and close collaboration with your team, we'll delve into your unique challenges and ambitions, building a clear understanding of your landscape. Together, we'll build a transformative AI roadmap tailored to your specific business objectives, helping you prioritize projects and make a compelling case for budget allocation. As the workshop unfolds, we'll unveil practical strategies for data modernization, AI infrastructure development, and AI service consumption options, leaving you well-equipped to navigate your next steps. Whether you're a seasoned leader or a curious explorer, this workshop will ignite your imagination and provide a roadmap for unlocking the limitless potential of AI within your organization.


  • Workshop presentation materials
  • Discovery document capturing key information
  • Resource guide for data modernization, infrastructure, and talent development
  • AI roadmap

ai envisioning
ai readiness assessment

AI Readiness Assessment

This assessment takes a comprehensive look at your existing strategy, infrastructure, technology, tools, data/data viability, governance, talent, and culture.  We will identify opportunities for infrastructure design, data management, data correlations, data volume/velocity, and security technologies.  We assess your organization's readiness for AI adoption and outline necessary enhancements.

Our assessment will evaluate three types of your AI readiness:

  • Infrastructure and interfaces as prerequisites: Adequate infrastructure and interfaces are essential for the implementation of AI.
  • Management and governance for operational sustainability: Effective management, security, and governance mechanisms are crucial for the long-term sustainability of AI solutions.
  • Maximizing value through organizational transformation: The capability of an organization to fully leverage AI for maximal value is transformational.
data assessment

Data Strategy Assessment

In preparation for AI initiatives, ePlus offers data modernization services focused on aligning a data strategy with your organization's specific AI goals, breaking down data silos, and adopting a modern data platform. This is done with a goal of ensuring alignment of business initiatives and data governance to set your AI initiatives up for success.

data governance

Data Governance Consulting

ePlus Advisory Services help you define and develop mature data governance programs to ensure your most valuable assets are identified, classified, and protected. AI initiatives leverage modern data platforms and public/private models, which introduce additional risk, privacy, and liability concerns. Our consultants will account for this new risk profile and ensure your policy and technology is prepared to provide the necessary governance and oversight to these projects.

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