Automated Virtual Assistant for Collaboration Spaces

ePlus Automated Virtual Assistant (ePlus AVA™) for Collaboration Spaces provides automated testing and reporting on the health of Cisco video devices, conference rooms and workspaces to ensure effective operations and a wonderful end user experience.

ePlus AVA for Collaboration Spaces:

  • Provides assurance prior to your meetings via synthetic testing and inspection of the room, video endpoint and network
  • Enables administrators to interact and trigger tests during downtimes (such as overnight) as well as on demand when trouble has been discovered or reported
  • Automates help tickets so problems are documented, and triage can begin before an end user is even aware, improving overall customer experience
  • Automates reporting for dashboard analytics, providing real-time insights by geography and device type for your entire collaboration environment
  • Expedites resolution time, decreasing operational overhead while increasing availability
  • Increases adoption and the ROI of your collaboration spaces and conference rooms
  • Gives time back to IT and A/V support staff so they can focus on what’s most important to their organization or business



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