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What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security ensures the protection of endpoints, or points of entry to your network, through connected devices. This includes laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices that create an attack path for security threats. 

Today’s endpoint protection must go beyond just anti-virus software. Your endpoints are your weakest links in your organization and are often overlooked as a major attack vector, with only a small percentage of IT budget dedicated to endpoint security. An endpoint breach gives the bad guys access to your devices and your network, enabling the ability to leak sensitive data and deliver ransomware. The cost of one piece of ransomware can be catastrophic to your business operations and brand reputation. By protecting endpoints, we prevent threats from ever getting in. With a strategy that incorporates prevention, detection, awareness and response, we can stop disruptive cyber threats and keep our networks safe. 

Stop Disruptive Cyber Threats

Secure endpoints help stop disruptive threats to ultimately reduce risk and keep your data and operations safe. ePlus strives to better protect our customers’ data and brand and enable positive business outcomes. We leverage partnerships with leading technology providers and couple that with deep technical knowledge and experience, providing a consultative and comprehensive approach to stopping disruptive cyber threats and improving your security posture. Click here.

Endpoint Security
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ePlus Service Offerings:

ePlus offers consultative and assessment services to help manage risk, address compliance, and identify critical gaps in your security program. Need help figuring out where to start?  

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Endpoint Threat Prevention & Response Workshop

Learn how to prevent and respond to threats by adding an advanced endpoint protection solution that can help to greatly reduce malware attacks and increase the efficiency of your security operations program.

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Compromise Nothing with ePlus Security

At ePlus, we want to help you build an infrastructure that embeds security into every crevice of your technological environment. Because once that happens, other organizational objectives should become more achievable.

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Cyber Insurance Services and Ransomware Preparedness

With Ransomware on the rise, your cyber insurance brokers are taking a closer look at how prepared you are and how strong your security posture is. We can help with the Cyber Insurance Suite of Services.

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