Federal Government

Governments are being asked to do more with less at every level.  Declining revenues and budgets are being met with ever increasing demands for new and better services from constituents.   Departments and agencies are continually faced with the question of how can we do more with less?  ePlus can help.  Our creative extended payment and lease plans can help you leverage current and future budgets to align the cost of a program or project with the revenue they consume.  We can also work to structure plans that can take advantage of operating or capital allocations for increased budget flexibility.   From IT to copiers, medical and health care gear, and other capital assets we have a solution for you. 

An Experienced Partner in the Federal Marketplace

  • Demonstrated expertise though thousands of successful transactions for Government and Contractors
  • Keen understanding of the federal acquisition process and buying patterns
  • Ability to bridge the gap between assets needed immediately and budgetary funds currently available
  • Flexibility and leverage to obtain and deliver optimal solutions when needed—for both federal government customers and contractors  

State/Local Government and Education (SLED)

ePlus understands the complexities of the SLED marketplace and how its varies from state to state.  We take the time to understand the unique points of each transaction and design a solution that specifically addresses the contract terms and conditions, budget, and equipment use requirements.   We can even structure tax-exempt programs to capture the cost savings associated with qualifying transactions.   Regardless if you are the end user or a contractor offering a solution, we can structure lease or extended payment plan that will meet your needs.   

  • Tax-exempt financing expertise
  • Terms and conditions that meet government guidelines
  • Vendor independent leasing and financing solutions
  • 100% project finance, including installation, maintenance, support, consulting, and design

  • Value-add offerings for automated procurement and asset management
  • Obtain virtually any type of equipment or IT asset
  • Experiencing services SLED organizations across the country since 1990
Fighter Jets

Department of Defense Benefits from Flexible Payment Option through Prime Contractor and ePlus

Multi-year payment option provides flexibility to obtain entire license up-front and remain within the current year’s allocated budget.
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Vendor Financing

Vendor Financing

Leverage ePlus Vendor Financing to increase sales opportunities and grow your business.

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Public Sector & Government

ePlus helps state and local government entities optimize technology deployments and provide on-demand services for an ever-growing community.

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