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Helping the Helpers

Our healthcare customers are working tirelessly to care for patients and ePlus teams are working tirelessly to support them. Acting as an extension of their support teams, we are assisting these customers however we can, with additional firewalls, security licenses, Citrix licenses, Meraki head-ends that support remote users, ASA support, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, thin clients, access points, COWs (Computers on wheels) & WOWs (Workstations on wheels), Nutanix nodes, short term staffing and more. Keep reading for some stories of Agility in Action in a Healthcare environment.

VDI - Healthcare

A VDI Upgrade in Record Time

One of our hospital customers contacted ePlus in order to extend its VDI capacity due to the increasing demand on its resources caused by the COVID19 emergency. The ePlus team was able to execute the upgrade and extension using six new Nutanix VDI nodes in what the hospital considered to be record time. The hospital is now successfully operating in its new environment and sent this feedback in an email to the ePlus team: “BAM! Just like in a James Bond movie… When you lost your hope and ready to give up, here comes the cavalry! Thanks, guys, much appreciated.”

Virtually connecting patients-families

Virtually Connecting Patients & Families

The CIO of a regional hospital was looking for a way to implement additional Cisco Webex licenses to leverage video capabilities that would enable hospitalized COVID-19 patients to communicate with their families. Taking advantage of Cisco offering free Webex licenses, ePlus was able to help the hospital very quickly. Taking it one step further, we also collaborated with another ePlus partner to provide multiple iPads for the hospital to leverage as the endpoint devices for patients.

Remote telework

Remote Healthcare

A health system in Virginia needed to secure and enable 50 teleworker kits for staff physicians to be able to continue practicing. The ePlus team worked with Cisco/Meraki to expedite Meraki Teleworker Kits, including negotiating pricing and expedited delivery, to enable the physicians to continue working.

Healthcare Continuity

Enabling Continuity of Care at a Children's Hospital

A Children’s Hospital customer needed to ensure that its radiology department could continue to function remotely in the wake of Covid-19. While willing to continue their important work reading scans and providing diagnoses essential to continuity of patient care, the hospital did not have laptops that would enable this team to continue its critical function remotely. ePlus was able to secure 22 home work stations for the radiologists allowing them to guarantee ongoing radiology support to their clinical colleagues taking care of women and children -- even when the radiologists were quarantined at home. In the words of this customer, sent via email to the ePlus team, “Your team did this in a truly record time – and at the moment I can only tell you: THANK YOU.”

SAN Migration-Healthcare

UCS Builds and SAN Migration with Zero Balls Dropped

A leading customer in the healthcare improvement space needed to quickly upgrade its network to allow for enhanced, seamless connectivity and storage. Over two weekends, the responsive ePlus team successfully moved 122 active productions connections, (including eight storage arrays that housed the company’s entire production data inventory), and 93 critical servers to be fully functional and operating smoothly. In the words of this customer: “I am very impressed with the planning, attention to detail, and teamwork. Thanks for all the talent and expertise you team bring to complex efforts like this. We couldn’t have done it without you.”


Accelerating Remote Workforce Capabilities

A leading Metropolitan hospital customer had a near-immediate need for workstations to enable employees to work remotely. The ePlus team jumped in (in the wee hours of a weekend morning) to quickly source, secure, configure and ship more than 800 laptops that the customer could plug and play to get to work immediately. In the words of this customer: “I could not be more thankful for you and what you’re able to accomplish again and again and again. This type of support and dedication is (the) WHY ePlus continues to be our number ONE partner.”

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