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The Road to the Cloud Isn’t Always Clear

Everyone wants to “go to the cloud,” but most lack a cohesive strategy with which all business stakeholders agree. Confusion of cloud benefits, complexities of cloud migrations, and concerns about security, performance, and high availability are a few of the roadblocks that frequently show up on the journey.

A Trusted Partner Along Your Cloud Journey 

The experts at ePlus combine proficiency across data center and private cloud platforms, public cloud, multi-cloud architecture, security, and application modernization. We have developed our Cloud Adoption Lifecycle to align with your journey as you assess applications for the cloud. 

We can guide you every step of the way to build a cloud-enabled enterprise foundation that is optimized for cost, high availability, performance, and security while delivering full control and visibility of applications and data running in the cloud.

Cloud Adoption Lifecycle
Strategy - Cloud Adoption Lifecycle


We will help you develop a plan, taking a close look at your business requirements and how you define successful outcomes. In addition, we will review the technical requirements to support these business outcomes, perform an analysis of the applications and all dependencies, and summarize an evaluation of cloud readiness for the applications in scope.

Platforms - Cloud Adoption Lifecycle


Once you’ve set your strategy and have devised a roadmap, we will help you select appropriate platform(s) for your applications (private cloud in your data center, public cloud, and/or other third-party cloud providers). We will also explore multi-cloud considerations.

Execution - Cloud Adoption Lifecycle


Next, we will help you design and implement your solutions. We’ll begin with foundational cloud design and deployment (including networking, security, identity and access management, and all pieces needed to create a solid foundation). Once your cloud landing zone(s) are prepared, we will help you determine how to best migrate your applications, establish orchestration and automation strategies (both within clouds and across platforms), and develop a plan for Day 2 Cloud Operations.

Operations - Cloud Adoption Lifecycle


Once your workloads are running in the cloud, we can assist with ongoing management and optimization. We’ll help you develop strategies to optimize your costs and security posture. We will continuously compare your deployment to the ever-changing best practices from your cloud provider and find opportunities to further modernize your applications. Ongoing education helps ensure your team has the skillsets and tools needed for an effective cloud management strategy.

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