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Agility in Security & Networking

As organizations needed to securely expand their networks and security protocols to support remote workforces, our teams were hard at work helping them seamlessly transition to a new way of operating.

Agility in Action

Non-Profit Organization for Disabled Adults Relies on ePlus Security Services and Solutions in Wake of Ransomware Attack

A non-profit organization for adults with developmental disabilities experienced a ransomware attack severely impacting their business operations. Over a holiday weekend, an initial incident response and forensics team from ePlus worked methodically through the different phases of bringing the organization’s network back under their control, including: detection, analysis, containment and eradication of the threat. Within two days, the team was able to achieve full recovery from the incident and the customer’s mission critical servers were up and running.

Following the attack, the customer worked with ePlus to implement multiple security protocols that would help prevent a future one, including network security, firewalls, multi-factor authentication and endpoint security solutions.

Security as a Service

Fast Security as a Service

The COO of an organization reached out to ePlus with the immediate need to scale his organization’s secure VPN access due to COVID-19. Due to the immediate need, the account team jumped in to implement the Zscaler SAAS offering. This solution was a perfect fit and was up and running in a few short days The CEO of the organization sent a note to the ePlus team commending our sense of urgency and responsiveness to their needs.

VPN expansion

Fast VPN Expansion

A public sector customer was running a VPN solution originally designed to scale to 25,000 users. Unfortunately, in the shift to remote worker enablement, it experienced issues when the volume went over 7,000 users. The customer initially reached out to Cisco, and with the Cisco team knowing that ePlus had the experience to install a new solution -- (as well as the capability to finance the deal) -- they contacted ePlus. The ePlus team was able to stand up a cloud solution that could support 10,000 VPN solutions temporarily while the hardware-based solution gets implemented. Once the hardware part of the solution is up and running the Cisco/ePlus solution will support 25,000 VPN users and can scale up to 50,000 users, giving this customer space to easily accommodate all its users.

remote learning users

Remote Learning Expansion to 40K Users

An education customer needed to quickly expand its ability to conduct remote classroom and employee work. Using ePlus OneSource integration, the ePlus team was able to specify and procure a solution in less than 24 hours. Our account team then worked closely with Cisco to expedite the delivery of a significantly expanded Cisco AnyConnect environment that allowed an additional 40,000 VPN users in just over a one-week timeframe.


Supporting a City

Due to COVID-19, a public sector municipality had a new and urgent need to support additional remote workers, as their existing solution had limited ability to do so. Leveraging a strong relationship with one of our security partners, the ePlus team was able to order and secure enough inventory to get them up and running quickly.


Talk About Firepower

A large financial organization needed to quickly grow its environment to serve the work from home mandate due to COVID-19. Specifically, it had an immediate need to add Cisco Firepower NGFW’s to increase VPN capabilities in support of its 11,000-person remote workforce. Unfortunately, the firewalls were not immediately available. Through an exhaustive sourcing effort, the ePlus team was able to locate some refurbished, Cisco-certified ASA5515’s to meet the immediate need. Thanks to the efforts of the ePlus team, the organization met a 3-day deadline to accommodate their work from home requirement.

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