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Bring Intelligence to Business Video Conferencing

Conferences are a routine part of collaboration, and group communications are much more effective when they include face-to-face interaction. Creating a reliable and cost-effective communication platform allows distributed teams to come together in a digital workspace much as they would when meeting face-to-face.

ePlus uses its deep expertise in audio, video, and high-tech to create affordable, reliable, and secure solutions with advanced features such as noise detection and suppression, recording and transcription, and real-time meeting analytics. Our approach makes business video conferencing an integral part of your digital transformation strategy.

Video Conferencing
Tailor Solution to Goals

Tailor a Solution to Your Goals

We implement rooms and systems that fit your goals and budget. Creating an effective approach requires understanding how you want to use business video conferencing to share information and improve business results. Careful planning enables us to deploy seamless solutions, which you can use to build relationships, share complex ideas, and stay connected to distant teams, workers, and customers.

If you need an immersive meeting experience, we provide the full suite of components, infrastructure, and centralized management tools for bringing it online. Or, if you need a simpler solution for supporting desktop or video conferencing on mobile devices, we deliver that type of platform as well.

Automated Virtual Assistant for Collaboration Spaces

ePlus Automated Virtual Assistant (ePlus AVA™) for Collaboration Spaces provides automated testing and reporting on the health of Cisco video devices, conference rooms and workspaces to ensure effective operations and a wonderful end user experience.

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ePlus AVA for Collaboration Spaces:
  • Provides assurance prior to your meetings via synthetic testing and inspection of the room, video endpoint and network
  • Enables administrators to interact and trigger tests during downtimes (such as overnight) as well as on demand when trouble has been discovered or reported
  • Automates help tickets so problems are documented, and triage can begin before an end user is even aware, improving overall customer experience
  • Automates reporting for dashboard analytics, providing real-time insights by geography and device type for your entire collaboration environment
  • Expedites resolution time, decreasing operational overhead while increasing availability
  • Increases adoption and the ROI of your collaboration spaces and conference rooms
  • Gives time back to IT and A/V support staff so they can focus on what’s most important to their organization or business
Simple+Secure Collaboration

Make Collaboration Secure and Simple

Strong project planning and process management controls enable us to deliver consistent results. Platforms are turnkey to address the use cases that best meet the needs of your business and end-user community.

Industry requirements vary, which is why we offer different strategies for education, finance, healthcare, and the public sector. For each vertical, we focus on optimizing the experience so your video room or digital workspace functions just as effectively as its real-world counterpart. By addressing these core requirements, we ensure that you have a secure and simple business video conferencing solution for promoting communication and collaboration.

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