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Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

ePlus provides technology and services to help you manage the risks that unknown or unmitigated vulnerabilities pose to your business. We offer a comprehensive service that is used to identify, manage and provide a prioritized plan to remediate discovered vulnerabilities. We offer the following to ensure your organization is best positioned to remediate discovered vulnerabilities:

  • A team that works with your organization and understand your assets, their classification in your environment and infrastructure used to operate your business to ensure your organization is best positioned to mitigate this critical risk

  • Streamlined control of your vulnerability management lifecycle from discovery to prioritized remediation plan

  • Scanning to detect and prioritize your response to discovered vulnerabilities

  • An efficient, integrated and affordable solution
Vulnerability Risk Mgmt

What are the risks of not having a vulnerability management program?

With the complexity of today’s network infrastructure, it’s common to have forgotten assets still accessible on the network. It’s important to gain visibility into what kinds of devices and assets you have, and what their vulnerability status is. Over 70% of the highly publicized breaches this year were caused by failures in vulnerability management programs. Attacks resulting in data loss are usually performed by exploiting known and documented security vulnerabilities in software, network infrastructure, servers, workstations, phone systems, printers and employee devices.

Outsource Management

Why outsource vulnerability management?

Building an information security program, measuring the controls put in place and managing vulnerabilities and business risk all require a variety of skills not typically possessed by a single individual, or multiple people at any organization. A managed security services provider has the people with the necessary skills and experience to help translate your business goals into effective security policies and controls that will help mitigate identified risks and maximize your ROI. We will:

  • Deploy and maintain leading-edge, advanced vulnerability management technologies that have been tested across many organizations in diverse geographies handling a variety of threats.
  • Maintain 24/7 oversight of your vulnerability program
  • Take the burden off your resources so they can focus on other critical tasks.

How does it work?

ePlus will perform regular vulnerability scans to assess your environment and address vulnerabilities.

VMaaS - How does it work?

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