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Threat Detection and Response Guidance (TDR-Guidance)

The TDR-Guidance Service is an advisory level service designed to provide ePlus Manage Detection and Response (MDR) service clients with both strategic and tactical guidance related to Information Security (IS) incidents.​


Why Is there a need for TDR-Guidance?

MDR services require continuous improvement and continuous engagement on the part of the client and MDR service provider.  Are you currently utilizing, or considering, MDR services but:

  • Lack the time, resources, and/or skills to continuously mature your MDR service outcomes
  • Struggle to understand the outputs from your MDR service provider
  • Or need additional guidance on tweaking and tuning your MDR service provider's use cases and monitor sets

Our TDR-Guidance service improves MDR effectiveness by providing the necessary skills, advice, and guidance to maximize a client’s response, remediation, and continuous improvement efforts.

At the heart of TDR-Guidance are 3 named ePlus resources.

  • Customer Experience (CX) resource ensuring both ePlus MDR and TDR-G services are delivered as promised.
  • Security Consultant to help guide a client’s remediation of Information Security incidents escalated from the ePlus MDR service provider.
  • Senior Security Consultant to help maximize the effectiveness of the ePlus MDR provider’s services.

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