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Could your organization benefit from a seasoned, executive-level resource to develop, implement, and/or manage your company’s security program?

In today’s rapidly changing IT environment, cyber security is of paramount importance to every business. Not all organizations have access to a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer or a trusted security advisor to help them navigate the various challenges presented daily from a regulatory, governance, and general security risk perspective. 

The ePlus vCISO program provides organizations with an executive-level resource who can manage the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of an information security program. This resource is highly experienced in an advisory role and can work effectively at all levels within your organization. Tailored to meet your needs, our vCISO program utilizes only certified, highly skilled IT security professionals, many of which are former CISOs/CIOs of State, Local and/or Fortune 2000 organizations, or experienced senior consultants within a relevant business/industry. We will also provide organizational leadership to help align security strategies with business objectives and regulatory requirements.  

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Virtual CISO
vCISO Organizations

What organizations might take advantage of an ePlus vCISO?

  • Organizations that don’t need a full-time CISO, but who are committed to a robust information security plan and have a need to manage it
  • Organizations that need to adhere to a wide range of legal, regulatory and/or contractual obligations and need executive oversight 
  • Small businesses or those without budget for C-level security leadership
  • Businesses who find themselves in a precarious security situation via a breach or other incident, and need quick access to a knowledgeable expert
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What can a vCISO provide your organization?

  • Serve as on-demand/virtual Chief Information Security Officer
  • Provide on-site and remote consultation
  • Serve as an industry expert (HIPAA / HITECH, PCI-DSS, FERPA, GLBA / FD / FFIEC, FISMA, etc.)
  • Facilitate the integration of security into your business strategy, processes and culture
  • Manage the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of an information security program
  • Independent and unbiased expert assessment of your information security threats, risks and compliance
  • Oversee personnel (in-house and third-party) with information security roles and responsibilities
  • Assist executive and senior management teams and staff with integration and interpretation of information security program controls
  • Serve as information security liaison to auditors, assessors, and examiners (technological and programmatic security assessment, penetration and application security testing, etc.)
  • Provide system administrators and security staff with technical training and guidance on how to build and maintain IT infrastructure securely
  • Provide application developers with technical training and guidance on how to develop and test applications securely
  • Review audit and assessment reports, assist with prioritizing issues, overseeing remediation efforts and tracking resolution
  • Oversee and provide consultation and investigative services relating to security breaches and incidents, assist with recommended corrective, disciplinary and/or legal actions
  • Provide leadership on Disaster Recovery / Incident Response / Business Continuity
  • Vet and filter vendor claims and provide research on how they compare to others from a third-party perspective
  • Priority access to globally respected subject matter experts
  • Assess existing information security team’s knowledge, skills, abilities and effectiveness – identify gaps, recommend remediation efforts

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