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Who can access the network?

Companies must provide anytime, anywhere connectivity for employees without sacrificing security. Identifying and controlling who and what connects to the corporate network is the first step to securing the enterprise. Today, networks serve a vast array of traditional and non-traditional devices and other endpoints—everything from PCs, tablets and smartphones to industrial controls, virtualized servers, wireless access points and cloud-based applications.

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Improve Network Visibility

Visibility and detection are minimal starting points for securing your network. Architecting a security delivery platform, delivering network traffic visibility across the enterprise and enabling effective security for the enterprise will maximize service assurance and quality of experience for subscribers.

Access Controls+Policy Management

Implement Access Controls and Policy Management

Being able to centrally manage and unify your network access policies across a highly distributed enterprise to provide consistent, highly secure access to end users, whether they connect to your network over a wired, wireless, or VPN connection, is paramount. Policy enforcement should ensure the right people gain access to the correct networks and applications from authorized devices.

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Segment Your Network to Isolate Devices and Functions

Network segmentation—which limits the scope of a breach—is arguably the best defense against the latest, sophisticated security threats. Having a strategy for segmentation and micro-segmentation in the enterprise is fundamental to ensuring the success of the implementation. Consolidating and centralizing the network infrastructure is a key driver for segmentation.


Reduce Your Attack Surface with an IoT Security Strategy

There is no doubt that the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay. Consumer grade products such as TVs, speakers, toys, wearables, appliances and much more continue to flood the retail space offering enticing features to consumers.

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Vulnerability Management, How much & Why

Cyberthreats of various kinds are becoming increasingly prevalent. Lack of visibility into areas of weakness across an organization’s network can leave them open to exploitation of IT vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Management needs to be an integral part of security practices. Here’s why.

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Reduce Your Attack Surface

Improve network visibility to better protect your organization.

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