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ePlus Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) powered by Pure Evergreen//One

Watch Justin Mescher, VP of Cloud and Data Center Solutions at ePlus, discuss the importance of having SLAs on storage in your data center as well as buffer capacity available on demand and why customers are seeking consumption-based cost models.


The Power of ePlus STaaS

ePlus STaaS powered by Pure Storage is one of the foundational elements to the ePlus Data Center-as-a-Service vision, which also includes ePlus Confident Recovery-as-a-Service. ePlus STaaS allows you the flexibility and convenience to scale usage as your needs change without having to pre-purchase growth capacity by creating a consumption-based cost model within your own data center. This makes it easier to address the uncertainty of capacity planning and rely on contractual business SLAs around performance and availability. The offering leverages Pure Storage’s leading platform with a designated ePlus Customer Success Manager and expert first-call support.

STaaS Benefits

Benefits of ePlus Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS)

  • Evolve at your own pace with the choice of flexible subscription models for storage consumption to reduce the risk of over- or under-buying with more predictable costs.
  • Leverage enterprise storage platforms without making upfront capital investments by moving to an OpEx consumption-based cost model with burst capacity to facilitate agility and growth.
  • Gain measurable operational and energy efficiencies with data storage that drives innovation and a more sustainable future.
  • Achieve expedited time to resolution for support issues and greater insights into storage capacity planning and the impacts on billing and forecasting.
  • Create unit-based economics for storage usage, allowing for show-back or chargeback to business units.

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