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ePlus and Microsoft Office 365

When moving from on-premise email deployments to the cloud, there are many architectural decisions to be made prior to migration. ePlus partners with our customers to build a secure foundation for cloud-based collaboration.

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Microsoft Designations and Accreditations

ePlus maintains multiple Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations, Specialties, and Program Benefits demonstrating our dedication to training and enablement of our teams across Microsoft best practices to provide our customers with an exceptional consulting experience.

  • Modern Work Solutions Designation
  • Digital & App Innovation Solutions Designation
  • Data & AI Solutions Designation
  • Infrastructure Solutions Designation
  • Infrastructure and Database Migration Specialist
  • Networking Services Specialist
  • Azure Migration and Modernization (AMM) Program
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Solution Provider Partner

Cloud Solution Provider

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), ePlus provides Office 365 services with support services to enhance your coverage from Microsoft. Partner with ePlus to build a secure foundation and get access to industry-leading support for your Office 365 deployment.


ePlus M365 Copilot Readiness Assessment

ePlus has designed our Readiness Assessment to assist you in your M365 Copilot journey by providing a focused engagement to determine current state both from an organizational and technical perspective, as well as provide recommendations and next steps to properly accelerate a successful deployment.

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