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AWS Networking Practice

ePlus is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and Marketplace Channel Partner with a vast array of experience designing and building secure AWS connectivity patterns. Holding the AWS Networking Competency, ePlus accelerates our customers’ AWS journeys by building secure intercloud and intracloud frameworks leveraging AWS native services and third-party integrations.

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AWS Networking_Expertise

ePlus offers expertise in areas such as:

  • Secure WAN and on-premises interconnect with DirectConnect and DirectConnect Gateway
  • Advanced VPC architectures leveraging Transit Gateway
  • Encrypted traffic patterns for on-prem to cloud and VPC to VPC connectivity
  • Secure NGFW and scale-out appliance deployment with Gateway Load Balancer
  • EKS and Kubernetes on EC2 networking
  • Global transit with Transit Gateway Peering
  • Traffic mirroring with VPC Traffic Mirroring
AWS Networking_Drive modernization

ePlus delivers packaged solutions to help drive modernization efforts throughout the enterprise including:

  • AWS Multicloud/SD-WAN Design and Deploy: Extend your WAN to AWS with Transit Gateway and leverage the AWS Backbone for your global transit
  • Secure VPC Design and Deploy Deployment: Design and build a scalable networking infrastructure to secure Internet, VPC, cloud to cloud, and on-prem to cloud traffic patterns
  • Third-Party Firewall Design and Deploy: Integrate your current NGFW vendor into AWS with Gateway Load Balancer to provide advanced security in your AWS environment
AWS Networking_Customer Value

Customer Value

  • Provide a secure and performant network fabric for your critical applications
  • Secure all of your traffic patterns with Next Generation Firewalling (NGFW)
  • Automate and simplify your network deployments with IaC
AWS Networking - Core Services

Core AWS Services

  • VPC
  • DirectConnect/DirectConnect Gateway
  • Transit Gateway
  • Gateway Load Balancer
  • Network and Application Load Balancer
  • Global Accelerator
  • VPC Traffic Mirroring
  • Route 53
  • CloudFormation

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