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AWS Migration Practice

ePlus is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner with a proven methodology of migrating and modernizing applications to AWS. By leveraging our AWS Migration Factory approach, we help decrease migration risk while at the same time accelerating timelines. ePlus partners with our customers to deliver quantifiable, real-world results with the goal of assisting organizations to move faster and create competitive business advantages leveraging the AWS ecosystem.

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AWS Migration_Expertise

ePlus offers expertise in areas such as:

  • Lift, Shift, and Modernize with Application Migration Service (MGN) and Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • Microsoft Migration + Modernization
    • Lift-shift and modernize your Windows Server deployments on EC2
    • Microsoft SQL Server modernization and move to RDS SQL
    • .NET modernization
    • Active Directory in AWS with EC2 and Managed Microsoft AD
  • Cost Optimization
    • Windows Server and SQL licensing
    • Cost effective architecture and workload placement
ePlus AWS Marketplace offer

ePlus Migration Factory on the Marketplace

The ePlus Migration Factory powered by AWS Application Migration Service is a process driven Professional Services engagement geared to accelerate your migration to AWS and decrease migration risk. Leveraging years of experience assisting customers move from their on-premises and other cloud infrastructure to AWS, ePlus provides a standards-based blueprint to successfully migrate workloads to AWS.

Learn more about ePlus Migration Factory on the Marketplace

AWS Migration_Customer Value

Customer Value

  • Faster time to market by leveraging cloud-native architectures along with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Decreased cost leveraging automation, auto-scaling, and PaaS
  • Increased security posture with AWS Well-Architected approaches and secure by default deployment
  • Decreased migration risk with Project Management and Change Management
AWS Migration - Core Services

Core AWS Services + Tools

  • Application Migration Service (MGN)
  • Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • Migration Hub
    • Application Discovery (Agent+Agentless)
    • Migration Evaluator Collector
    • Migration Hub Import
    • Refactor Spaces
    • Orchestrator

FinTech Organization Relies on the Experience of ePlus and the Elasticity of AWS for Key Service Cloud Migration

Read how moving services closer to consumers resulted in an enhanced customer experience along with improved business continuity and the ability to support nearly unlimited scale in computing power and storage performance.

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Manufacturer Turns to ePlus to Leverage the AWS Storage Ecosystem for Enhanced Scale, Agility, and Data Protection with Decreased Cost

ePlus helped our customer move critical data offsite to AWS, providing a secure and cost-effective solution that enhances business continuity. Imagine what we could do for you.

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Financial Organization Taps ePlus Migration Expertise to Harness the Power of AWS and Deploy an Application Framework in the Public Cloud

See how ePlus helped the customer better meet their evolving business demands with the scalability sought while keeping rigorous, trusted security standards for on-premises applications.

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ePlus' Migration and Readiness (MRA) toolsets

Let ePlus develop your economic model and business justifications for AWS migration. ePlus’ Migration and Readiness (MRA) toolsets provide the data necessary to qualify and quantify your move to AWS. Check it out today. #AWSPartners #APNproud

AWS Migration Practice

Are you looking to transform your existing .NET and Microsoft SQL based workloads to AWS? Whether it’s moving to EC2 and RDS or full transformation onto EKS with Aurora, ePlus can assist with providing the pathway for optimized deployment that will allow you to innovate faster and drive cost efficiency. #AWSPartners #APNproud

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