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Varonis and ePlus Protect your data first, not last

For many businesses, their most valuable data is also their most vulnerable data.  Why?

Cybersecurity didn’t start with data. It started at the borders, where attackers should be held at bay, far from precious data at the heart of the kingdom. The security perimeter has vanished. Endpoints are fungible. Very little data lives only on your phone or laptop these days. At Varonis, we protect data where it lives. Our platform is purpose-built to look deeply inside and around data—and then automate its protection using patented, battle-hardened machine learning.    

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A Winning Partnership for Data-First Security

ePlus Security and Varonis are partnering to bring data-first security to organizations across the globe!


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Risk Assessment

Get started with our world-famous Data Risk Assessment.

  • Critical findings report
  • 1x1 with a data security expert
  • Full access to the Varonis Data Security Platform
  • Get started in 15 minutes



Effortless security outcomes powered by automation.

Most data security products surface countless issues, but can't fix a thing. Varonis continuously classifies your data, remediates exposure, and stops cyberattacks while you sleep.



Meaningful Security outcomes without the effort

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Secure SD-WAN

Proactive Incident Response

Varonis offers the brightest minds in offensive and defensive security, watching your data for threats. As part of our SaaS offering, we investigate suspicious behavior, so you don’t have to.

What can the Proactive IR team help with?   

  • Proactive alert monitoring and threat investigation 
  • Bespoke threat model development optimized for your organization  
  • Automatic response configuration to stop an attack in its tracks  
  • Regular touchpoints to review security findings  
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Cloud Protection

Protection for your SaaS app.

Instead of dozens of siloed admin portals that provide partial visibility, Varonis offers comprehensive data security across your SaaS apps. The unified console helps your team easily understand data risk and how to minimize it.


Varonis Data Risk Assessment

Want to know where your biggest data security threats are? The Varonis Data Risk Assessment is a detailed, true-to-life report based on your company data, that reveals the vulnerabilities hackers will hunt for. Use the report to generate a prioritized remediation plan, get buy-in from leadership, and map out what you need to do next to meet regulations.

Read the Sample Assessment

How a Liberal Arts University Safeguards Its Hybrid Environment with Varonis

A private university in the U.S. needed to mitigate the risk posed by threats like ransomware. Protecting sensitive data and student information was the top priority—the school’s reputation and revenue were at stake.

Read the Case Study

The Great SaaS Data Exposure

The average company has an alarming amount of sensitive data exposed not only to all employees, but in many cases, to the entire internet. It’s a data-breach crisis waiting to happen.

Read the SaaS Risk Report

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