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Modernizing Enterprise IT: A Strategic Partnership between ePlus and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In an era where technology is pivotal to business success, ePlus and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) join forces to lead the transformation in enterprise IT infrastructure.

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Welcome to GreenLake 

In a world where technology constantly evolves, emerges a new city on the horizon -- HPE Greenlake - a metropolis transforming how businesses harness cloud power. Imagine a place where peace of mind and easy living prevail, where paths are charted, seeking solutions for diverse workloads, managing costs, ensuring peak performance, visibility, and compliance. The challenge is clear - striking a balance between on-premises and cloud solutions. 

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Cloud Resilience Practice

Harness the Power of Hybrid Cloud and AI-Enabled Solutions

Our partnership is anchored in a shared vision of harnessing the potential of hybrid cloud environments, seamlessly connected from edge to cloud. We encapsulate this vision with robust security measures and AI-driven insights, ensuring your enterprise is not just keeping pace with technological advancements but leading the charge.

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Optimize Your Infrastructure for AI Workloads with ePlus and HPE

Our partnership focuses on empowering your enterprise to optimize its infrastructure for the most demanding AI workloads. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of HPE's solutions and ePlus' technical expertise, we ensure your IT environment is not just ready for the challenges of AI applications but excels in them. This strategic approach allows your business to harness the full potential of AI, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency.


ePlus Services: Tailored to Enhance HPE Solutions

ePlus brings a suite of specialized services to the table, each designed to complement and enhance HPE's cutting-edge solutions:

  • Consulting Services: Our experts conduct hybrid cloud assessments, workload dependency and placement analyses, cost optimization strategies, and comprehensive infrastructure health checks. We also provide site surveys and digital readiness workshops to ensure your business is primed for digital transformation.
  • Professional Services: From configuration and startup to data center and data migration, our professional services cover every aspect of your IT infrastructure needs. This includes hypervisor configuration, imaging/OS installation, firmware updates, staging, asset tagging/management, rack integration, multi-site & global logistics, and project management.
  • Managed Services: We offer various levels of support for HPE compute and Aruba networking infrastructure, including campus & data center switching, WLAN, and Aruba Central-powered solutions. Our service levels range from monitoring to full management.

    ePlus and HPE: A Legacy of Excellence

    As one of HPE's select partners with an extensive range of technical and sales expertise, ePlus stands at the forefront of IT solution providers. Our over 20 year collaboration with HPE is marked by a legacy of excellence, driven by our commitment to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions.

    • Unmatched Partnership: ePlus holds a unique position as a Platinum Partner in both Hybrid Cloud and Aruba Solutions, reflecting our deep alignment with HPE's vision and capabilities.
    • Gold Standard Services: As a Gold HPE Services Provider, we deliver a level of service that sets industry benchmarks.
    • Specializations and Competencies: Our specializations in Aruba Switching & Wireless, Services Contracts, and Aruba-as-a-Service, along with competencies in Aruba Central, Containers on HPE, Microsoft on HPE, HPE GreenLake, and SD-WAN, showcase our wide-ranging expertise.
    • Certifications Galore: With over 40 technical & sales certifications, including HPE Master ASE Certified Engineers and Aruba Design Expert Certification, our team is equipped to tackle complex IT challenges.

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    Leveraging Our Expertise for Your Business Success

    Our top-level specializations, competencies, certifications, and program memberships are not just accolades; they are tools that enable us to drive tangible business outcomes for our customers. By partnering with ePlus and HPE, you gain access to unparalleled expertise and resources, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is not just modernized but also a catalyst for business growth and innovation.

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    Join Us on the Journey to IT Excellence

    Our collaboration with HPE is more than just a partnership; it's a commitment to excellence. Together, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of modern IT infrastructure, from edge to cloud. Let us help you transform your IT landscape and realize the full value of distributed workloads and applications, securely and efficiently.


    National Music Chain Rocks New Infrastructure with HPE GreenLake

    With its out-of-date IT infrastructure playing off-key, the well-known music store needed a hardware revamp. The company turned to ePlus to aid in its journey to modernization, and chose an Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach through an HPE GreenLake for Storage solution that now has this music retailer singing a new tune.

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