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Improved Visibility for Increased Performance

ePlus and Gigamon combine to drive digital innovation and reduce your attack surface through market-leading network visibility and analytics that help solve critical performance and security needs.

Why Choose ePlus & Gigamon

  • Leverage a single integrated platform
  • Supercharge your observability tools with actionable network-level intelligence to realize the transformational promise of the cloud
  • Ensure network resiliency, security, and cost containment
  • Expand visibility – managed and unmanaged hosts, east-west and intra subnet traffic, including containers
  • Find vulnerabilities, detect suspicious activities, and gain new security capabilities
  • Increase performance and troubleshoot multi-cloud and on-prem app components


Top Five Concerns in Private Cloud Visibility

Read through Gigamon's latest blog that will look at five of the top concerns we hear from these customers as we help them secure and manage their private clouds.

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Monitor Encrypted Traffic Without Decryption

Discover how ePlus and Gigamon empower customers to monitor encrypted traffic without decryption, ensuring robust security without compromising privacy. Check out the exciting findings from Gigamon's latest Omdia research note!

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Avoid Dead Reckoning: Why Zero Trust Requires Network Visibility

Read the Gigamon blog by Eric Newcomer as he explains that a Zero Trust journey requires complete and accurate information about where you are starting from and exactly how you will get there. Approximation won’t cut it.

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State Government Amplifies Network Power and Data Fidelity Using Deep Observability

Discover how a State Government harnessed the full potential of ePlus partner Gigamon's Deep Observability to supercharge their network power and data fidelity. Together, ePlus and Gigamon drive digital innovation and reduce attack surfaces through market-leading network visibility.

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Gigamon Precryption™️

Gigamon Precryption technology is a breakthrough approach to eliminating the biggest blind spot in modern hybrid cloud infrastructure: threat actor lateral activity concealed within encrypted communications. Leveraging Linux eBPF and standard encryption libraries, Precryption technology offers plaintext visibility into all encrypted communications before the payload is encrypted. No decryption required.

Gigamon EMA Report

As Encryption Evolves So Must Your Hybrid Cloud Visibility Strategy

Did you know...Thirty-eight percent of organizations encountered incidents involving malware concealed within encrypted traffic over the past 12-18 months. As hackers leverage encryption to obscure their malicious activities, organizations face the challenge of maintaining effective detection mechanisms.

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Partner Spotlight_Gigamon

Partner Spotlight

Gigamon and ePlus Take a Customer-Centric Approach to Network Visibility and Security.

We recently chatted with Bill Wheeler, ePlus’s national principal architect of security solutions, and Pascal Perot, ePlus’s VP of strategic alliances, security solutions, to discuss how ePlus and Gigamon work together to bring top-notch network visibility and security to customers.

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Deep Observability

Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of observability tools. This powerful combination enables IT organizations to assure security and compliance governance, speed root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks, and lower operational overhead associated with managing hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructures.


Networking Security

Cloud Visibility

Close the cloud visibility gap to gain control and visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Gigamon offers a cloud visibility solution that can help you maintain control of your workloads and applications in the cloud. You will have the same visibility and access in the cloud that you currently have on-prem and it will give you the ability to clearly troubleshoot and fix issues across multiple cloud providers. This solution will streamline your toolsets, processes and skill sets needed to operate on-prem and in the cloud.

Network Security

The only solution that improves visibility while making your teams more efficient at detecting threats and vulnerabilities.

Detect previously unseen threats by eliminating blind spots across all hybrid cloud environments. Reduce irrelevant traffic to tools, simplify network upgrades, pinpoint network/security issues faster, gain agility, discover traffic such as crypto mining, all by leveraging advanced technology.


Zero Trust

Accelerate your Zero Trust journey by using network visibility and analytics in the hybrid cloud as the foundation by:

  • Eliminating blind spots for accurate asset enumeration and policy rules.
  • Verifying Zero Trust policies are being followed even as the network landscape changes regularly by ensuring devices, applications, services, and users are properly validated.
  • In addition to achieving security objectives, eliminate network traffic noise, translating to 50%+ reduced tools spend associated with the Zero Trust journey 



Definitive Guide

Network Visibility and Analytics in the Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud Environments are Vulnerable. Why You Need Deep Observability.

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Deep Observability Market Predictions for 2023

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