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Integrated End-to-End Security

ePlus and Fortinet combine to offer an integrated solution to address your risk profile that covers the entire attack surface, utilizing the Fortinet Security Fabric as the basis. Whether in the network, scattered across disparate endpoint devices, applications, on premise or in the cloud, ePlus and Fortinet provide enterprises with a fully integrated security solution that collects, coordinates, and responds to any potential threat.

This includes world-class enablement for secure SD-WAN, third-generation security for cloud requirements (private, hybrid, and public), and peerless support for telework and remote access environments.

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Go Beyond Security

Go Beyond with ePlus + Fortinet

Gain even more value from your existing technology with a Fortinet Security Rating or Cyber Threat Assessment (CTAP) to help identify areas for improvement including:

  • Increasing visibility
  • Minimizing your time-to-respond and time-to-remediate
  • Enabling features that can help minimize risk and increase efficiency
  • Optimizing resources– including money – thus allowing you to focus on other projects and efforts 

Learn more about the Security Rating or register for a complimentary assessment today.

Learn more about the CTAP or register for a complimentary assessment today. 

Secure SD-WAN

Maximize Performance with Secure SD-WAN

Secure SD-WAN solutions enable organizations to leverage the corporate WAN as well as multi-cloud connectivity to deliver high-speed application performance. With Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, you enable industry-leading SD-WAN and NGFW capabilities to help:

  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance application experience
  • Simplify operations
  • Minimize complexity
  • Dramatically improve security posture

Download: Secure SD-WAN: Security Driven Networking

Download: SD-WAN in the Age of Digital Transformation

Watch: Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Overview

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Optimize Your Defenses with the Fortinet Security Fabric 

The Fortinet Security Fabric provides true integration and automation across an organization’s security infrastructure, delivering unparalleled protection and visibility to every network segment, device, and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises.


Stop Disruptive Cyber Threats Where They Happen: The Endpoint

Endpoint and Device Protection Solutions

The growth of ransomware, increase in exploits, and lack of shared intelligence among disparate security products results in a slower, less effective endpoint threat response. Fortinet Endpoint and Device Protection Solutions offer the necessary Internet of Things (IoT) and device security to see and control all devices across the entire network. With proactive endpoint protection, organizations can ensure their networks are secure from the latest threats.

Download: The Evolution of Network Access Control

Download: Hidden Cost of Endpoint Security

Managed Security Services

Remote Workforce

The recent rise in remote working has put a spotlight on the limitations of virtual private networks (VPNs). Although traditional VPNs have been a mainstay for decades, many organizations are now looking for alternatives that better meet their plans and objectives. With better security, more granular control, and a better user experience, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) can be a smarter choice for securely connecting a remote workforce.

Download: Point of View - It's Time To Say Goodbye To VPNs

Download: eBook - Build a Secure Remote Connection Solution for Today’s Business

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

ePlus Managed Security Services teams leverage Fortinet solutions such as:

  • Fortinet Security Subscription services that span 10 distinct security disciplines (including application control and intrusion prevent)
  • FortiSandbox (appliance, virtual machine, and cloud) that automates the detection of zero-day attacks
  • FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service, which provides customized security insights to help security professionals prioritize resources to best protect against threats
  • Fortinet FortiSIEM, which includes information from network elements beyond Fortinet devices and breaks down the barrier between the SOC and NOC for a comprehensive view of the entire network

SD-WAN: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of FortiGate Secure SD-WAN

Endpoint: Ensuring Real-time Endpoint Security on POS Systems

Telework: Secure Remote Access for Your Workforce at Scale

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Segmentation for a more secure network

Organizations need both high-performance networks and strong security. Digital transformation is driving business growth and enabling new efficiencies. However, aspects that make this growth possible, such as mobile computing, convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) environments, and sophisticated cyberattacks, often makes achieving end-to-end security a difficult task.

With Fortinet internal segmentation and network access control, organizations can intelligently segment network and infrastructure assets regardless of their location whether on-premises or on multiple clouds. Dynamic and granular access control is then established by continuously monitoring the trust level and adapting the security policy accordingly. High-performance, advanced security isolates critical IT assets to ensure quick detection and prevention of threats using analytics and automation.

Powered by physical and virtual FortiGates, along with FortiOS innovations, internal segmentation provides end-to-end segmentation that extends networks and geographical boundaries.

View the Campaign: Fortify your network perimeter


Intelligent Segmentation for the Healthcare Industry

Intelligent segmentation technologies that share and apply real-time threat information across an integrated security architecture can address healthcare security problems.

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FortiNAC Solution Brief

Learn how FortiNAC provides evolved network access control for healthcare organizations.

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SWAT Webinar Replay

Learn how to add security to the user authentication and authorization process, enabling secure access to applications and associated data.


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