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The goal of every educational institution is to improve student performance. Implementing modern technology can help facilitate learning and engagement by providing a creative means to access and retain knowledge. The utilization of collaboration tools to foster creative learning has to be balanced with stringent security measures that protect student information while keeping budget restrictions in mind. We have decades of experience working with educational institutions from K-12 and University level to full multi-location campuses, and can help your team navigate E-rate, contract vehicles and other unique operational parameters.

ePlus can support all your needs:

  • Contract vehicles across the country make it easy and efficient to procure the technology you need.
  • Robust security solutions safeguard student data and protect your reputation.
  • Our expertise in mobility and collaboration helps expand instructor/student interaction, improves teacher productivity and decision making, and elevates the learning experience.
  • Our managed services provide a flexible and affordable way for you to have the latest and greatest – with a fraction of the work. Flexible subscription models are available to monitor, manage, and maximize the critical technologies you need to run your institution—including cloud, security, data center, mobility, and collaboration.
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Higher Education

Higher Education IT Departments have grown exponentially from ensuring students have access to on-campus computing for classes, research and analysis, to ensuring students can work, live, communicate, study and engage safely throughout the campus and beyond. Analytical and instructional capabilities, campus security, facilities control, flexible work spaces, virtual and asynchronous instruction, communications and connectivity have all driven the need for IT infrastructure and applications to ensure engaging learning environments are tailored to a wide variety of students, faculty and administrators, across a variety of locations, and that any and all access is secure.

Teaching Hospitals

Teaching hospitals are an integral part of our nation’s medical care, teaching and research infrastructure. Teaching hospitals deliver complex, state-of-the-art medical care and are often affiliated with medical schools. Teaching hospitals have a unique environment for scientists and physicians work together, applying cutting edge research and practices and where discovery and advances in medicine are shared with the newest generation of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Teaching hospitals face unique challenges where cutting edge IT solutions provide the communication, network and analytical tools to help researchers, scientists and medical professionals save and improve lives. ePlus is a trusted partner in helping teaching hospitals navigate the road to an innovative, secure, effective network and infrastructure as well as supports including personnel, professional and managed services. Our Healthcare site provides additional information relevant to the health care space.

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K-12 Education

Education IT has grown exponentially from a few computers in a lab or at the back of the classroom to 1:1 initiatives and virtualizing instruction. A wide variety of instructional, assessment, communication and administrative needs and the applications created are driving the shifts in the market regarding all-inclusive classrooms, adaptive instruction and engaging learning experiences tailored to individual learning styles.


ePlus is an active service provider in the Federal E-rate program, (SPIN number: 143006553), and has a dedicated E-rate team to support our customers who participate in the Schools and Libraries Funding Mechanism. Equipped with a strong understanding of the rules of the program and eligible products, we can help education organizations, nationwide, navigate the program to bolster their network infrastructures and to prepare for the needs of tomorrow through careful planning and the strategic use of E-rate funding. In fact, we’re ranked among the top 10 vendors participating nationally in the E-rate program.


Global Education Provider Turns to ePlus for Data Center Modernization and Consolidation

The organization successfully collapses two data centers into one, reducing its server infrastructure by 81% while implementing a modern data protection solution with an efficient use of cloud storage.

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ePlus Implements Cisco Contact Center as Foundation for Rowan University COVID Vaccine Distribution

“A critical piece of our ability to safely and reliably distribute this vaccine to thousands of people was having a modern and efficient customer contact center in place that could provide support, assistance and guidance,” said Mira Lalovic-Hand, senior vice president for Information Resources Technology at Rowan University. “The ePlus and Cisco team helped us build this solution in record time. We went from zero to ready to handle calls in only days.”

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Kaplan Early Learning Protects Data with Archiving to AWS

The education services provider relies on ePlus’ expertise to meet data protection and compliance requirements as well as to prepare the way for future transformation in AWS.

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Large State University Relies on ePlus to Streamline Security Program and Optimize Operational Defenses

This institution looked to ePlus for help consolidating tools and platforms resulting in a less costly, more secure security program.

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Research University and Health System Creates New Customer Experiences with ePlus

A public university and health center is committed to delivering world class care to its customers. ePlus plays a crucial role in helping the customer utilize technology as a business enabler to significantly enhance patient care.

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ChescoNet Turns to ePlus for Data Protection Solution that Proactively Protects School Districts

“A group of ePlus and Rubrik engineers came in to do implementation, during the thick of COVID-19, methodically installed everything, and patiently reached out to each school district to get their data connected and stable. There’s no way I would’ve been able to do it on my own without their support.” - Bryan Ruzenski, Director of External Tech. Services at CCIU.

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Ransomware Attack Prompts City Schools to Turn to ePlus for Security

City overcomes attack and adds tools to mitigate future breaches.

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