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Simplify Production AI

ePlus AI Solution Bundles require fewer components to launch AI powered applications in production. Instead of managing separate systems for working with data, developing AI capabilities and deploying AI powered applications, our offerings leverage the latest in GPU, CPU and AI platform technologies to provide a common, scalable building block to support the entire production AI lifecycle.

AI_Accelerate Bundle

AI Accelerator Bundle

The AI Accelerator Bundle is a pre-integrated solution for most industry verticals that combines the NVIDIA DGX A100 with the Kubeflow Machine Learning platform, providing AI as a Service capabilities to support multiple AI application deployments simultaneously. Start with a single DGX A100 and add more as resource demands grow without impacting end users. Training and Enablement services are included to help quickly onboard development and operations teams.

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AI Healthcare Bundle

The AI Healthcare Bundle provides a Healthcare specific platform for streamlining clinical and operational AI projects that can improve the overall health of patient populations. Utilize intuitive tools for exploring data and managing models without coding. Works in conjunction with any EMR while meeting security and compliance objectives.

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