Children’s Hospital Relies on ePlus to Fill More Than 30 In-House Technology Positions

ePlus successfully pre-qualifies and places IT talent across security, infrastructure, helpdesk, and other areas to fill gaps in hospital staffing

Business Challenges

  • The hospital was experiencing a significant talent shortage across all areas of its IT infrastructure.
  • The primary staffing agency was having difficulty finding and placing qualified candidates in myriad open roles, including desktop service, information security, unified communications, and other technical functions.

Why ePlus?

  • Vetting and pre-qualification of all IT candidates, across various states and regions, prior to sending them to the hospital for consideration
  • A written pre-qualification statement from a dedicated engineer and industry expert, outlining specific candidate traits and other feedback to enable the hospital to make a successful and informed decision
  • First-hand expertise and knowledge surrounding skills and qualifications necessary to succeed in IT roles within a healthcare setting, including telehealth and healthcare specific software
  • Long-standing relationship as a trusted advisor to provide advice and guidance


ePlus Staffing

  • Operating seamlessly as an extension of its team, ePlus placed more than 30+ pre-qualified candidates spanning the IT landscape in positions from security and infrastructure to helpdesk and hardware support
  • Created a continuous pipeline of highly-qualified candidates to enable quicker placements in open requisitions

Business Outcomes

  • Qualified, skilled candidates in open roles has filled gaps and enabled staffing levels to be maintained
  • Strengthened security posture with qualified, in-house talent enables the hospital to respond more quickly to security threats and enhance protection of confidential patient data
  • Provides a strong feed of qualified candidates in areas such as security, where there is a known talent shortage
  • Consolidated communication across multiple hiring managers has allowed for improved efficiency and faster hiring

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