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Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity and compliance company that protects organizations greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint helps companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data and make their users more resilient against cyberattacks. As an authorized Proofpoint Elite partner, ePlus offers customers Proofpoint's full suite of best-in-class solutions.

ePlus and Proofpoint are dedicated to helping break the attack chain together for our customers. Our partnership offers specialized prevention services, joint solution testing, the best available customer promotions and dedicated resources to help on your protection journey. 

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Email & Threat Protection

  • Email Protection

    Proofpoint Email Protection protects users against unwanted and malicious email—both malware and non-malware threats, such as impostor email or business email compromise (BEC). We do this by providing granular visibility and business continuity for organizations of all sizes. By controlling all aspects of inbound/outbound email and setting up policies, we help your IT and security team secure your end users from email threats and maintain email communications in the event of an outage.

  • Email Fraud Defense (EFD)

    Proofpoint Email Fraud Defense (EFD) protects your employees, customers and business partners from all forms of email fraud by stopping impostor email attacks before they even reach the inbox. From a single portal, you can authorize legitimate email, block fraudulent messages, and see all threats—regardless of the tactic used or the person being targeted. By leveraging email authentication, machine learning and policy, and enforcing DMARC authentication, EFD helps you block all fraud tactics used by criminals to launch advanced attacks.

  • Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP)

    Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) uses orchestration and automation capabilities to recall malicious emails that were already delivered to a user’s inbox. This entry-level version of Threat Response identifies and removes malicious emails based on alerts from TAP. It then uses business logic to follow its path to the larger group of recipients and find and retract those messages. TRAP also generates reports showing quarantine attempts, successes/failures, and a list of which users are targeted most— reducing the workload of your security team.

  • Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)

    Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, mitigate and block advanced threats containing malicious attachments and URLs that target people through email and cloud apps, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. TAP provides you with visibility into the Very Attacked People (VAPs) within your organization. It also equips you to rewrite all embedded URLs to protect your users on any device and track clicks on malicious links.

  • Internal Mail Defense

    Proofpoint Internal Mail Defense uses a robust, multilayered approach to protect your organization’s internal email and help detect compromised accounts. It scans all internal mail for spam, and malicious attachments and URLs. If internally sent email is flagged, it is removed and quarantined automatically. It also gives your security team visibility into the accounts that sent these malicious URLs, so they can quickly track down and act upon potentially compromised accounts.

  • Essentials for Small Business

    Proofpoint Essentials tailors the capabilities of Email Protection to the needs of small businesses. It provides spam filtering, phishing detection, multilayer anti-virus, dynamic sandboxing of URLs, a robust filter rules engine, email continuity, policy-enforced encryption, email archive and social media account protection. And best of all, it is managed in a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to manage for SMBs who might have smaller security teams.

  • Email Isolation

    Proofpoint Email Isolation enables your IT and security teams to allow users to access personal webmail from corporate devices without security concerns. It can be integrated with TAP for an additional layer of security for your VAPs, while protecting all users from unknown or risky websites. This is achieved by preventing any malware or malicious content from impacting the user or device. Our cloud service isolates web content from corporate data and networks. And it simplifies how you govern risk and operational costs, while elevating your security posture.

  • Threat Response

    Proofpoint Threat Response is designed for security operations teams working towards security maturity. It allows you to get an actionable view of your network threats, enrich alerts, and automate forensic collection and comparison. It also takes the manual labor and guesswork out of incident response. This helps your security team resolve threats faster and more efficiently. And unlike traditional incident response process related tools, it automatically confirms malware infections, checks for evidence of past infections, and enriches security alerts by automatically adding internal and external context and intelligence.

  • Emerging Threats Intelligence

    Proofpoint Emerging Threats Intelligence (ET) is the gold standard for threat researchers. It offers 100% verified threat intelligence from one of the world’s largest malware exchanges. And it helps you understand the deeper, historical context of the origin and author of a threat, integrating seamlessly with your security tools. Unlike other intelligence sources that report only domains or IP addresses, our intel includes a 10-year history and proof of conviction, with more than 40 threat categories and related IPs, domains and samples.

  • Emerging Threats Pro Ruleset

    Proofpoint Emerging Threats (ET) Pro is a timely and accurate rule set that detects and blocks threats using your existing network security appliances, such as next-generation firewalls and network IDS/IPS. Updated daily in Suricata and SNORT formats, ET Pro covers more than 40 different categories of network behaviors, malware command and control, DoS attacks, botnets, exploits, vulnerabilities, SCADA network protocols, exploit kit activity and more. By running daily updates and using an automated sandbox environment, your security team can rest assured that all threats will successfully be evaluated.

  • Premium Threat Information Service (PTIS)

    Proofpoint Premium Threat Information Service (PTIS) enables you to prioritize security decisions by providing you with a deeper situational understanding of the ongoing threat landscape. It includes three components: direct access to our industry-leading threat researchers, monthly custom threat reports, and advanced warning for emerging threats through access to our analyst logbooks. This service can aid and retain hard-to-find security analyst staff by reducing manual processes and allowing them to focus on the most critical issues.

  • Digital Risk Protection

    Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection secures both the customer and their brand against digital security risks across web domains, social media, and the deep web. This includes the ability to protect corporate domains from brand fraud; secure and monitor social media accounts for phishing, account takeovers and spam; and monitor deep and dark web activity for executive threats, credential leaks, locations for physical attacks, and nearby high-impact events. Through use of machine learning, our solution helps you get in front of threats whether they are planned, imminent or occurring real-time


Information Protection

  • Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Proofpoint Email DLP prevents employee negligence in outgoing communication by preventing the loss of sensitive, private information. Instead of forcing end users to make policy decisions about the nature and protection of content they send (which can increase burden and time resources), you can allow them to operate normally while our solution enforces email communication policies centrally and automatically. With more than 80 fine-tuned policies that automatically find, classify, and block sensitive messages, you can rest assured that the likelihood of a data breach will be reduced.

  • Email Encryption

    Proofpoint Email Encryption uses policy-based encryption to make secure communication via messages and attachments seamless and automated for your end users. While traditional encrypted email services can be challenging for users, with Email Encryption, they do not need to manually encrypt their email to send and receive messages, since this happens in the background. With us, you can protect sensitive email messages while ensuring your affiliates, business partners, and end users have seamless access to secured messages on computers or mobile devices.

  • Data Discover

    Proofpoint Data Discover finds, monitors and protects sensitive data on file shares, data stores and SharePoint sites. It does so by automating content analysis to track information across your organization’s on-premises network. It then automatically identifies sensitive data—including PII and PHI—at risk to unauthorized exposure. And it enables real-time remediation through quarantine, copying or deletion.

  • Digital Risk

    Protection Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection secures both the customer and their brand against digital security risks across web domains, social media, and the deep web. This includes the ability to protect corporate domains from brand fraud; secure and monitor social media accounts for phishing, account takeovers and spam; and monitor deep and dark web activity for executive threats, credential leaks, locations for physical attacks, and nearby high-impact events. Through use of machine learning, our solution helps you get in front of threats whether they are planned, imminent or occurring real-time.

  • Cloud Account Defense (CAD)

    Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense (CAD) offers automated protection against account compromise and malicious files in Office 365 and G Suite. Account compromise typically starts with phishing, credential-stealing malware, or brute-force attacks, such as credential stuffing. Compromised accounts are most often used to launch further attacks, such as BEC or phishing, both inside and outside organizations. CAD helps you quickly detect, investigate and defend against cyber criminals accessing your sensitive data and trusted accounts. It provides you with people-centric threat detection, correlation of threat activity, granular forensics with rich threat intel, and flexible policies for automated response.

  • Cloud App Security Broker Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (CASB)

    Protects organizations from cloud account compromise, oversharing of sensitive data, and compliance risks in the cloud. PCASB provides a granular people-centric view of app access and data handling. Our solution combines compromised account detection, access control, data loss prevention (DLP), third-party app control, and analytics to help you secure Office 365, G Suite, Box and more. Our powerful analytics help you grant the right levels of access to users and third-party apps based on the risk factors that matter to you.

  • Insider Threat Management (ITM)

    Proofpoint acquired ObserveIT in November 2019. ObserveIT offers a lightweight endpoint solution that helps organizations identify and mitigate insider risk. The solution provides detection and prevention to defend data against both malicious and negligent user behavior from employees, privileged users, and third parties. With ObserveIT, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of security incidents by monitoring user behavior and offering real-time education and deterrence. ObserveIT cuts investigation time from days to minutes and offers full playback of security incidents to improve response times and simplify compliance.

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Security Awareness Training

  • Anti-Phishing Suite

    Proofpoint Anti-Phishing Suite helps you identify and reduce your employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks and malware infections by up to 90%. If a user falls for a ThreatSim simulated phishing attack, they are provided with a teachable moment with tips on how to stay safe in the future. Users who fail a simulated attack can be automatically enrolled into one of our 8 anti-phishing training modules, or they can be assigned separately. In addition, with this package, administrators have access to our PhishAlarm® email reporting button and PhishAlarm Analyzer email analysis tools. These tools are the beginning of our Closed Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) solution, which allows for a streamlined reporting and automated response to active phishing attacks.

  • Enterprise Security Awareness Training

    The Proofpoint Security Awareness Training Enterprise package includes everything from the Anti-Phishing Suite and adds ThreatSim USB, CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments, our entire library of Training Modules, and all of our Awareness Materials, including videos. This package is ideal for customers looking to administer the most effective and comprehensive security awareness training program. With access to more tools to identify risk, change behavior, and reduce exposure, you can experience a more impactful people-centric risk reduction strategy.

GRC-Advisory Services

Archiving & Compliance

  • Enterprise Archive

    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive uses cloud intelligence and machine learning to preserve and discover business-critical information in a manner that is easy to find. It addresses three fundamental challenges—legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and cost and complexity reduction. And it does this without the headaches of an IT team managing archiving in-house. Our scalable cloud architecture, guaranteed search performance, unmatched customer satisfaction, and the industry’s most sophisticated encryption all provide you with complete legal and compliance control.

  • Enterprise Collaboration Archive

    Proofpoint Enterprise Collaboration Archive applies policy-based controls to capture social content from Salesforce Chatter, Jive, Skype for Business, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms to be managed or reviewed as any other critical data asset in your compliance archive or supervision platform. This ensures you remain compliant with your regulatory obligations. It also provides you with advanced features that automate and streamline critical compliance tasks.

  • Intelligent Supervision

    Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision helps streamline compliance for financial services firms, which face some of the world’s most stringent and complex regulations, such as FINRA, SEC and IIROC. It is fully integrated with Enterprise Archive and leverages machine learning to provide you with easy capture, efficient review, and effective reporting for regulatory response. That gives you complete visibility across your email, instant messages, collaboration tools, voice, SMS, and social media.

  • E-Discovery Analytics

    Proofpoint E-Discovery Analytics provides an intuitive e-discovery workflow for legal teams. It increases insight by using machine learning with real-time search results and integrated early case analytics. We help you achieve proactive litigation readiness, which means more control and less risk.

  • Social Media Compliance

    Proofpoint helps bridge the gap between social media compliance and marketing practices to help users comply with the current social media regulations. Digital Risk Protection integrates with leading archiving solutions to collect and classify social media content for future search and e-discovery. Not only do we do this, but we also collect and classify social media content for future search. All of this saves you time and money during an audit

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Access Protection

  • Browser Isolation

    Proofpoint Browser Isolation extends the capabilities of Proofpoint Email Isolation to protect all web browsing activities for all end users, including your VAPs. It provides a secure and anonymous web browsing service that is simple for your IT team to deploy, manage and support. This provides your users with privacy when they access sites such as webmail. And with no additional risks to your organization.

  • Zero Trust Network Access (Meta)

    Proofpoint Meta is the next generation in secure enterprise application access. A people-centric solution, Meta ensures employees, contractors and partners have zero-trust, identity-based access to enterprise resources in the datacenter and any cloud



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