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Pure Storage helps innovators turn data into intelligence and advantage so they can build a better world. Our all-flash storage platform, The Pure Data-Centric Architecture, is effortless to use, efficient from end-to-end, and evergreen to upgrade, delivering real-time data to power customers’ mission-critical production, multi-cloud, DevOps, and modern analytics environments.

Shared Accelerated Storage for Every Workload 

FlashArray//X™ is the world’s first enterprise-class, all-NVMe flash storage array. It represents a new class of storage – shared accelerated storage, which is a term coined by Gartner – that delivers major breakthroughs in performance, simplicity, and consolidation.

The Next Generation of Storage FlashArray//X brings the affordability, standardization and customization to your data center.

Get a shared accelerated storage array with FlashArray//X. Accelerate mission-critical business applications for higher levels of performance and hyper-consolidate your cloud storage.
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Purity is the software-defined engine that enables Pure Storage arrays to deliver comprehensive data services for your traditional and modern data center applications.
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Next-Gen Analytics with FlashBlade™

If data is potentially an organization’s most important asset – then data analytics is a critical initiative for any enterprise. Pure Data-Centric Architecture dramatically simplifies the complexities of an analytics infrastructure by consolidating to a single platform. No more siloed workloads: instead, all-flash power for every workload.

The Cloud Scale Data Platform of Tomorrow 

FlashBlade is a highly parallel data platform built to accelerate the transition from big data to big intelligence. 

Discover why FlashBlade is one of the industry’s most advanced scale-out storage platforms architected to accelerate modern workloads and simplify infrastructure.
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Pure Storage and NVIDIA launch and AI-ready infrastructure enabling AI-at-scale for every enterprise. It’s fast, simple and future-proof.

Meet AIRI™

Cutting-Edge Converged Infrastructure 

Modern converged infrastructure (CI) solutions are smarter, simpler, smaller – and more efficient than ever before. They’re virtual machine-aware and hybrid cloud-ready, while retaining the predictability and efficiency advantages of dedicated compute and storage tiers.

Pure Storage and Cisco deliver FlashStack, a modern converged infrastructure solution that allows customers to modernize their operational model.

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Simplify the cloud with integrated virtualization, automation and orchestration. Pure Storage all-flash solutions give you the performance needed to consolidate your enterprise workloads while keeping your data both safe and avail...
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