Threat Prevention and Detection

Prevent and Detect Threats

Prevention and Detection are core components in all cyber security programs. As your digital footprint expands, the controls required to prevent unauthorized access to your data and assets often increases in complexity.


ePlus helps our customers evaluate and choose the technology best suited to their environments and capabilities. We leverage partnerships with leading technology providers and work hand-in-hand with customers to assess, advise and engage to create a comprehensive security program tailored to your needs, all with the goal of protective your sensitive data.


The network connects users to their data. Technologies focused on inspecting and securing network traffic are the primary foundation for preventative controls.

Cloud Security

Your attack surface has now extended into your cloud environment. The ability to prevent threats in cloud environments depends on visibility into cloud workloads and the underlying cloud provider’s control domain.


Data consumers access applications and sensitive data from their devices. These devices require protection from unauthorized, malicious software; both known and unknown.

Advanced Threat

Malicious actors are consistently finding new ways to avoid detection. Advanced Threat solutions use ML/AI abilities to leverage multiple sets of data and traffic patterns to detect anomalous activity and assist threat hunters in identifying new patterns of compromise.


Web & email traffic comprise a majority of legitimate external business traffic and as such represent the primary vector used to infect organizations with malware and gain unauthorized access.

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