Reduce Your Attack Surface

Reduce Your Attack Surface

A key challenge organizations are facing as they navigate their digital transformation is a lack of comprehensive network visibility, specifically as it pertains to internal security controls. Without proper access and policy controls and segmentation, your network is left open to threats, and in the event of compromise, lateral movement. ePlus provides technology and services to help our clients mitigate the risks associated with lateral movement, compromised credentials and lack of network visibility.


Why internal security is critical

Traditionally, networks have strong boundary protection but no internal security. This gives attackers free rein to traverse the network once they have gained access. The chances of achieving their goals will increase the longer that they're able to maintain a foothold. Unmanaged laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as servers and IoT and industrial systems of all shapes and sizes significantly expand your attack surface, and are mostly invisible to many security tools. Enterprises need an efficient way to grant, limit or block network access depending on the identity and suitability of the user and device.


The ePlus Approach to Reducing Your Attack Surface

ePlus leverages partnerships with leading technology providers and couples that with deep technical knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive approach to improving network visibility, tailoring access control methods and deploying organizationally appropriate network segmentation, with the ultimate goal of reducing your attack surface.

Improve Network Visibility

Visibility and detection is a minimal starting point for securing your network. Architecting a security delivery platform, delivering network traffic visibility across the enterprise and enabling effective security for the enterprise, will maximize service assurance and quality of experience for subscribers.

Implement Access Controls and Policy Management

Being able to centrally manage and unify your network access policies across a highly distributed enterprise to provide consistent, highly secure access to end users, whether they connect to your network over a wired, wireless, or VPN connection, is paramount. Policy enforcement should ensure the right people gain access to the correct networks and applications from authorized devices.

Segment your network to isolate devices and functions

Having a strategy for segmentation and micro-segmentation in the enterprise is fundamental to ensuring the success of the implementation. Consolidating and centralizing the network infrastructure is a key driver for segmentation. Network segmentation—which limits the scope of a breach—is arguably the best defense against the latest, sophisticated security threats.

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