Data Protection

Secure Your Data

Your sensitive data is the intended bounty of most malicious activity. Technologies focused on data protection help to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data sets that power your digital business operations. Proper data governance and controls are crucial to compliance, and privacy and protection must be considered by both default and design.


ePlus helps our customers evaluate and choose the technology best suited to their environments and capabilities. We leverage partnerships with leading technology providers and work hand-in-hand with customers to assess, advise and engage to create a comprehensive security program tailored to your needs, all with the goal of protective your sensitive data.


Identity and Access Management focuses on who has access to data and authorizes use based on need and privilege.


Encryption technologies for data at rest and in motion help ensure confidentiality and ensure only those authorized users or applications can decrypt and use the data.

Data Loss Prevention

Data usage models often include human decisions for sending, receiving and processing. DLP technologies help enforce company confidentiality policies to minimize error and misuse of sensitive data handling.

Application Security

Applications are often the gatekeepers of sensitive data. Web-based interfaces and other interactive applications require coding reviews and best practices to ensure bugs and exploits are mitigated before production release.



Network Access Control

As most networks still do not have strong segmentation, access governance to network resources can greatly assist in protecting sensitive data assets. Admission control helps ensure access is granted to the user, device, location, time, and posture approved by organizational policy.

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