Maximizing Team Productivity and Accountability at Work 

Workstream Communications and Collaboration (WCC) is a new form of communication that starts with group messaging and blends in real-time and asynchronous messaging, real-time voice and video communications, content, and context all within one tool.  WCC facilitates work getting done more quickly through shared task management and tracking. ePlus’ WCC solution and advanced IT networking skills help you to achieve a more collaborative, accountable work environment built over a high-speed, secure IP network.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers one service and one experience for every employee, across HD audio and video, conferencing, file sharing, team messaging, mobile app/client, desk, and room devices
  • Facilitates work getting done more quickly through shared task management and tracking
  • Helps reduce email traffic and the associated time processing it
  • Hold more effective meetings with sync-ups, discussions, and advanced meeting planning
  • Work faster and smarter, controlling costs, and shrinking the distance between people and productivity
Workstream Communications Solutions

Workstream and Collaboration Solutions

WCC is a better way for employees to keep in constant communication within the flow of their work. ePlus can configure, install, and deploy your WCC application as well as build a high-speed IP network to run it.

More Solutions

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