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Mar 27, 2020, 11:57 AM
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ePlus can help you leverage the agility and capabilities of AWS with a focus on the design, architecture, and security expertise critical to optimize your cloud deployments.
AWS Security
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AWS Security Practice

The ePlus Cloud Security practice helps our customers be protected and compliant at each step of their cloud journey from strategy to execution and ongoing management. As an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and Marketplace Channel Partner with a breadth of successful cloud security deployments under our belt, we can help you accelerate AWS transformation driven by proven cloud security management methodologies.

Securing multi-cloud workloads is a critical and ongoing process. We can assist you in selecting and implementing preventative and continuous security controls that protect valuable and sensitive data as well as ensure secure hybrid cloud connectivity and role-based access controls. Read more about ePlus Cloud Consulting Services.

AWS Consulting Partner
AWS Security

We offer innovative solutions such as continuous Vulnerability Management as a Service, secure connectivity, visibility and observability for containers, and more. Some examples of our broad offering include:

  • Control Tower: Securely implement and govern multi-account environments
  • Segmentation and Network Security: Leverage cloud-native controls as well as third-party next-generation firewalls (NGFW) to protect AWS VPC assets. ePlus layers on simple and proven automation techniques to assist and streamline operations.
  • Packet Capture and Visibility: Gain visibility and security analytics at a previously-unprecedented level with AWS Traffic Mirroring and ExtraHop.
  • Unified Logging and Monitoring: Unify AWS native logging (such as CloudTrail, CloudWatch, VPC Flow Logs, and more) with OS and application log views to predict and respond to events.
AWS Gateway GWLB

AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB)

ePlus was a launch partner for the AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) functionality, focusing on accelerated customer adoption of the new approach to AWS networking and security. GWLB seeks to simplify the networking and security of AWS deployments. By streamlining management, maximizing cost efficiencies, and increasing scalability, GWLB helps protect AWS customers against both known and unknown threats. The ePlus methodology enables customers to learn about the GWLB approach, test it in their AWS environment via proof of concept, and accelerate full deployments.

Solution Provider Partner

We work with leading technology solutions providers:

  • Third-party NGFWs with Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, and Fortinet
  • Endpoint and container security with Trend Micro
  • Splunk logging
  • ExtraHop analytics and visibility
  • Secure connectivity with Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric and Megaport

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