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Nov 19, 2018, 11:38 AM
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Leverage the Synergy of ePlus and AWS Marketplace

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace provides a quick and easy way for organizations to find and purchase software solutions from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that run on AWS. It offers the benefits of quick deployment, simplified procurement, and consolidated billing.

As an early adopter in the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Offers Program, ePlus can help you leverage the convenience of AWS Marketplace while also providing the, design, architecture, and security expertise critical to optimize your cloud deployments.

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CEDR->DRS Migration Services from ePlus

With the end-of-life announcement by AWS for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery (CEDR), the clock is ticking to migrate to AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS). Let ePlus provide you with an AWS-funded services engagement to quickly and safely migrate your mission-critical servers to DRS with a fully-automated approach. Now is the time to maintain your disaster recovery posture as well as experience the new and improved capabilities of AWS DRS! Check out our AWS Marketplace offer for more details or email cloud@eplus.com.

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Why ePlus for AWS Marketplace?

  • We do your homework—from requirements gathering to solution scoping, product selection, design, and implementation—tailored specifically to your requirements
  • ePlus can provide discounts from the published AWS Marketplace listing prices to lower your ongoing costs
  • Ensure your cloud deployments are given the same level of expertise and consulting as your current data center
  • Bundled services available from ePlus experts to ensure best practices deployment in AWS
  • Take advantage of the flexible, convenient purchasing and billing experience from AWS Marketplace—and know you are getting the right software and services for your needs

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