Multi-Cloud Architecture

Build a Comprehensive Foundation to Guide
Multi-Cloud Success

Moving applications and workloads to the cloud offers many benefits for organizations and their IT departments.  Whether getting started with application development, leveraging cloud scale for web or mobile, or going all in with a “cloud first” initiative – the cloud offers agility, scale, and new consumption models.  While cloud introduces these benefits it also introduces challenges around performance, cost, reliability, and security.

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The Move to Multiple Cloud Platforms
Dependence on multiple cloud platforms is becoming standard for many organizations. Each cloud platform offers a unique set of capabilities and having the ability to leverage multiple platforms is very advantageous for organizations who strive to be as agile and cost effective as possible. While this approach is very powerful, it doesn’t come without complexity. When considering a multi-cloud architecture, it is critical to have a foundation that serves as the framework for all design, integration, and operational decisions. 
Bring you to the cloud
Why ePlus?
The ePlus Multi-Cloud Architecture model addresses all these challenges to drive success:


How can you ensure that cloud applications and workloads perform as well as, or better than, within the data center?  Each cloud platform introduces its own unique performance considerations. The ePlus Multi-Cloud Architecture enables maximum performance by carefully analyzing and considering factors such as user location, access methods, geography, and workload profiles.

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How can you manage the costs associated with leveraging cloud?  Connectivity and data transfer rates are often the largest cost factors.  The ePlus Multi-Cloud Architecture framework provides a way to lower the cost of connectivity and leverage the most cost-effective data transfer methods for each cloud platform.


When relying on external connectivity, how can you provide SLAs around the reliability of access to cloud workloads?  The ePlus Multi-Cloud Architecture provides a reference architecture for connectivity between users, offices, data centers, and cloud platforms to provide the reliability your business requires. 

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How can you provide consistent security, visibility, and control across multiple cloud platforms?  The ePlus Multi-Cloud Architecture is a security-first model, enabling your team to fully manage the security of all applications and data, regardless of where they are deployed.