Maximize Private or Multi-Cloud

Many enterprises today want to “get out of the data center business” so IT teams can focus on core business, innovation, and transformation. ePlus manages relationships with hundreds of top data center colocation and interconnection providers to deliver operational expertise, standards compliance, physical security, and cross-connect technology to support your private or multi-cloud environments. And with your networking and compute resources in a cloud-connected colocation facility, you are poised to more quickly and effectively plug into public cloud—for rapid application migration, lower latency, and much lower costs.

Key Benefits of ePlus Colocation Services

• Easily evaluate and select any data center, anywhere in the world (more than 1,500 facilities worldwide)

• Speed comparison of multiple providers with side by side analysis of the criteria most relevant to your organization, including location, cloud access, compliancy, and more

• Leverage cross-connects and direct-connects into public cloud providers to substantially reduce network costs by moving your infrastructure closer to the cloud

• Take advantage of secure data center capacity and increased availability and connectivity to power your digital business applications and speed time to market

• Utilize ePlus services expertise in architecture and design, cloud infrastructure, migration, security, managed services, and flexible consumption models to support your move to a colocation center

• Burst to the cloud as needed with interconnect services that bring you closer to your service providers, content, and business partners


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