Speed Technology Adoption

ePlus offers certified cloud and data center courses that enable you to take advantage of learning credits embedded in OEM cloud solutions or benefit from custom courses to meet your specific needs. Our training offerings range from Infrastructure to OpenStack, Cloud, and DevOps. Some specifics include:

• On-site OEM-specific courses (Cisco, VMware, RedHat)

• Popular Open Source technologies (Openshift, Jenkins, DevOps Fundamentals)

• Curriculum tailored to end-user technology adoption initiatives

• Help with the creation of standardized packages from source code and provide ongoing support/SLA


By attending our instructor-led, classroom-based courses, you will gain hands-on knowledge necessary to grow in skill and capability. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive education including courseware, lecture, and lab—for a fulfilling learning experience.

For the latest information about current courses being offered, click here. To register for an ePlus Cloud Training Course and to find out more about the upcoming course schedule, email us at CloudServices@eplus.com.

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