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May 4, 2020, 12:45 PM
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Modern organizations are facing immense pressure to deliver business outcomes with maximum scalability and flexibility while managing spiraling costs. Everyone wants to modernize their application and move to cloud-native services but few are in the position to execute. ePlus partners with our customers to bridge this gap, helping drive innovation and deliver services to differentiate in a crowded market.

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Driving Innovation on Azure through Ongoing Operational Excellence

The pace of innovation is faster than ever, and finding, training, and retaining Azure expertise is a constant challenge. ePlus Cloud Managed Services (ECMS) for Azure can help offload the task of managing your cloud infrastructure and allow you to focus on driving business and differentiating from your competition—while at the same time optimizing spend and reducing risk.

Public Cloud Managed Services

ECMS - Configuration and Deployment

Configuration and Deployment

Leverage configuration and Well-Architected Frameworks with fully-automated deployments.

Security and Governance

Security and Governance

Decrease your risk with hardened, best practice configuration and ongoing validation.

ECMS - FinOps


Get the most out of your Azure environment with a FinOps mindset for cost-effective and optimal consumption.

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