Infrastructure as a Service provides virtual or physical servers on demand. The servers, storage, and network hardware are located on the provider's data center and abstracted from the customer.

Required Info

Quick Hint: For directions to pull your server specs from vCenter, click here. Please attach the output with your form submission.
Please choose an option for your server design.
If you selected Resource Pool - Please provide details on the size of your virtual resource pool - i.e. the total CPU, RAM, and storage across all of your virtual machines
If you selected Server List - Please attach a spreadsheet or other file with a list of servers to migrate to the cloud. Include as much information about each server as possible to help us design a matching environment. Such information may include, but is not limited to:
 - Server Role
 - OS
 - # vCPUs & Utilization
 - RAM (GB)
 - Used Storage (GB/TB)
 - Storage Type (SAN, NAS, etc.)
 - Physical or Virtual
 - Shared or Dedicated
 - Hypervisor (vSphere/ESX, Hyper-V, XenServer, etc.)
Bare Metal (Physical) Servers (Generally preferred for high I/O databases or legacy apps. Ex. JD Edards, SAP, Oracle, AS/400).
Operating Systems
Managed Services Required
Database Support Required
Managed Applications Required
Migration Services
Desired Cloud Environment (Public - pay as you go, elastic, shared infrastructure. Private - dedicated infrastructure).
Compliance Standards Required

Helpful Info

Are you currently using any of these technologies today?
Primary Site Connectivity Type
Data Center Location(s) Required (select all that apply)
Are you using any cloud services today? (ex. IaaS, Email, Backup, SaaS, UCaaS, etc).
Attachment (please attach any specifications, diagrams, or equipment lists)
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