Hybrid IT leverages a combination of both on-site and off-site IT resources. This approach provides the most flexibility, and allows a company to make decisions based on what is best for them. This includes many aspects, including security, performance, and cost.

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Business Drivers - Business transformation begins with clear goals in mind. When deploying cloud solutions, what top three business outcomes is your organization focused on achieving?

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Your Workloads - Multi-cloud solutions make it easy to deploy the right workloads to the right environments. For your organization, where are the following workloads most likely to be deployed over the next two years?

Collaborative Applications
VDI or Hosted Desktop
Application Development
E-Commerce & Websites
Enterprise Applications
Big Data
Vertical or Industry-Specific Apps
All Other Workload Types

Your Infrastructure Spend - As enterprises move from traditional infrastructure to hybrid environments, their IT solutions and investments shift. What percentage of your on-premises spending was/will be used on the following deployments? (Please sum to 100%)

On-Premises infrastructure spending for 2015 

On-premises infrastructure spending for 2016

Your Company - It's always good to know what your competition is doing. Tell us about your company so you can see how your mix of hybrid IT compares to organizations of similar size, region, and history.

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OPTIONAL - Please feel free to attach a server list and additional info (RPO, RTO, etc.).
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