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Backup as a Service (BaaS) protects the data, and typically allows for recovery of a file or server back to the customer's on-prem environment.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) protects the business, and allows for recovery of the entire IT environment (servers, storage, networking, apps, data) in the cloud.

Required Info

Virtualization Platform(s)
Operating Systems
Are all the servers and storage listed above in scope for this project?
Do you plan to keep using your current backup software?
Will you continue to backup locally?
Do you require the ability to run applications in the cloud for business continuity purposes?
Do you want the provider to help manage the solution and provide failover and backup support?
How long can your applications be down after a disaster (RTO)?
How much data can you afford to lose in a disaster (RPO)?
Compliance Standards Required

Helpful Info

Endpoint Backups (Endpoints refer to desktops and laptops).
Is long-term data retention part of this project?
Data Retention Policy
Do you currently have a second site for DR purposes?
Are you using a SAN or NAS today?
Are you currently using any of these technologies?
Primary Connection Type
Data Center Location(s) Required
Do you use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) today?
Do you need to protect virtual desktops in your DR plan? (Virtual desktops may run on a Windows desktop OS (Vista, 7, 8) or a Windows server OS (2007, 2012)
OPTIONAL - Please feel free to attach a server list and additional info (RPO, RTO, etc.).
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