OpenStack Courses

Design and Deployment of OpenStack with CEPH

This four-day instructor-led program is designed for storage administrators or cloud operators intending to integrate CEPH storage into their OpenStack environment. CEPH storage for OpenStack technologies provides an overview of the CEPH storage architecture and its deployment. This includes deploying the CEPH storage cluster (based on RADOS), the CEPH object gateway (based on RADOSGW), and the CEPH block device (based on RADOS Block Device, or RBD). This course also covers integration with Glance and Cinder in OpenStack platform and configuring CEPH storage as a replacement for Swift (integration with Keystone).

OpenStack Bootcamp

This three-day course provides an overview of OpenStack, and the open-source tools necessary for implementing a cloud operating system.

Consuming OpenStack – Clouds

This two-day class focuses on the use of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud and the specific capabilities and functionality as made available via the OpenStack platform.

IaaS with ACI and OpenStack

This three-day course provides an overview of ACI, OpenStack and the open-source tools necessary for implementing a cloud operating system.

Advanced OpenStack Networking

This one-day class will delve into the internals of OpenStack networks, exposing the various models for connectivity from the virtual to the physical, and all means in-between.

Advanced OpenStack Bootcamp

This two-day course provides the next level of configuration and deployment tasks for those having attended the OpenStack Bootcamp. This course will cover advanced topics centered on several of the core OpenStack Components, along with hands-on labs to reinforce these topics.

OpenStack on UCS (UCSO)

This course provides detailed look at implementing OpenStack using hardware and software technologies from Cisco and Red Hat. This course will cover the building blocks of the solution (UCS, Nexus and Red Hat OSP7) and will include hands-on labs for configuration and operations.

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