Design, Implementation, and Operation of Private and Hybrid Cloud Using CECS (OCCECS) ICECS4D

Course Overview

4-day Course

This hands-on course covers design, implementation, operation, and advanced configuration of CECS components, and is designed to serve the needs of engineers seeking to understand the capabilities of enabling private and hybrid cloud.

Target Audience

Solution Architects, Technical Engineers, Systems Engineers, and Field Engineers


  • L4-7 Services Concepts
  • Storage and IP Networking Concepts
  • Hypervisor Administration and Networking (vSwitch, DVS) Concepts
  • Cisco UCS / UCS Central

Course Labs

  • Lab 1: Initial UCS Director Configuration
  • Lab 2: Infrastructure Discovery
  • Lab 3: UI Familiarization
  • Lab 4: Infrastructure Policies
  • Lab 5: Catalog Creation
  • Lab 6: VM Deployment
  • Lab 7: Advanced Catalog Creation
  • Lab 8: Creating Workflows in UCS Director
  • Lab 9: Creating Application Containers
  • Lab 10: VACS Installation
  • Lab 11: VACS Initial Configuration
  • Lab 12: Deploying VACS Components
  • Lab 13: Building VACS Container Templates
  • Lab 14: Deploying VACS Containers
  • Lab 15: Tuning VACS Containers
  • Lab 16: PSC 11.0 Virtual Appliance Deployment
  • Lab 17: UCS Director / PSC Integration
  • Lab 18: Infrastructure Template Discovery
  • Lab 19: Stack Designer
  • Lab 20: Application Deployment With Stack Designer
  • Lab 21: Intercloud Fabric Deployment
  • Lab 22: Public Cloud Setup
  • Lab 23: Intercloud Extension Setup
  • Lab 24: Intercloud Fabric Policies
  • Lab 25: Intercloud Fabric Advance Setup (Routing/Firewall)
  • Lab 26: Workload Mobility

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to CECS Cloud

Defined CECS Overview Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite Use Cases Summary

Module 2: UCS Director

UCS Director Introduction and Use Case UCS Director Architecture

UCS Director Deployment Options

Infrastructure Management

UCS Director Design Orchestration Application

Containers Deployment Models

Module 3: Virtual Application Containers

VACS Introduction Cases Components Used in VACS

VACS Installation and Guidelines

VACS Container Networking and Security Deploying VACS Containers

Module 4: Prime Service Catalog

Prime Service Catalog with UCS Director

Use Case Overview of PSC 11.0 Virtual Appliance Integrate

UCSD with PSC Application Deployment with Stack Designer

Module 5: Intercloud Fabric: Introduction to Intercloud Fabric Use Cases

Intercloud Fabric Components

Intercloud Fabric Design Overview

Intercloud Deployment

Intercloud Fabric Operation Summary

Course Schedule:

Delivery Format: Virtual Classroom

Cost: $3,895 or 39 Cisco Learning Credits

Date: November 13-16, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Delivery Format: Virtual Classroom

Cost: $3,895 or 39 Cisco Learning Credits

Date: November 13-16, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Live Classroom or Private Group Classes Available

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