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Dec 23, 2016, 10:41 AM
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Fill Security Gaps and Keep Your Remote Workforce Safe

Supplement your internal teams with certified experts so you are poised to remediate for a long-term strategy, even in the face of hiring freezes and a scarcity of security professionals.   

Flexible Headcount Options

ePlus utilizes vetted staffing partners, in-house recruiters, and our internal engineering staff to bring you the best resources—at the lowest cost and with the fastest turnaround. We tailor the solution to precisely fit your needs, providing staffing support anywhere in the United States, locally or remotely, and for the timeframe you need. All personnel we place have access to the collective technical brainpower of our 650+ engineers who provide ongoing support.

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Staffing Solutions
Contingent Hire


ePlus will provide high-quality teams or individual professionals to support temporary projects—so you can support your business objectives.



Take the time to evaluate resources before bringing them on as full-time employees. You’ll minimize cost, improve efficiency, and reduce risk.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire

ePlus will pre-screen candidates to save you time and help streamline your internal recruitment efforts. We can assist your HR and Hiring Managers throughout the interview and onboarding process.

Tailored Project Teams

Tailored Project Teams

We will accurately assess your specific needs and requirements in order to build the right teams for your major initiatives.

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