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Solving critical security and performance needs by providing network visibility and analytics on all traffic across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.

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Improved Visibility for Increased Performance

ePlus and Gigamon combine to drive digital innovation and reduce your attack surface through market-leading network visibility, analytics and threat detection and response that help solve critical performance and security needs.

Why Choose ePlus & Gigamon

  • Leverage a single integrated platform
  • Increase security resource efficiency
  • Ensure network resiliency, security and cost containment
  • Run fast even in the shift from LAN to WAN
  • Stay secure with visibility and threat detection on user traffic that was previously predominantly inside the firewall.
AI-ML-DL Training

The New Tomorrow

Network agility, security and cost management

Your business continues to be the top priority during this time of major network shift. With increased pressure on existing IT systems and the need for new policies and solutions to handle this new reality, our goal is to help you adapt. Never miss an opportunity, and most importantly never miss a threat.

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Networking Security


Simplify Operations

Is your network growing in both speed and complexity? Gigamon helps enterprises meet availability and performance goals while keeping tool and network costs under control. Gain visibility and control across your infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud. Build a more agile network that’s ready for any digital or cloud transformation initiative.

Application Filtering Intelligence: Get full application visibility and control.

Netflow and Metadata Generation- Use flow data to gain insights and take action.


Defend Your Enterprise

Visibility is foundational to security – you can't secure what you can't see. ePlus’ expertise combined with the Gigamon Visibility Platform provide an integrated solution to eliminate blind spots across your enterprise network to quickly detect encrypted and hidden command-and-control channels, malware activities, unauthorized data exfiltration and more. Accelerate response time and investigative cycles with contextual network and application metadata.

eBook: Mitigate Business Risk


Cloud Ops

De-Risk Cloud Migrations

With Gigamon, enterprises can retain visibility and control as workloads move to virtual or public cloud environments. Extend your security posture to the public cloud by leveraging cloud-based tools to analyze VM and container traffic. Manage multi-cloud deployments with one unified visibility platform.

Infographic: Multi-Cloud Organizations Require Stronger Security and Monitoring
Optimized Infrastructure

Service Provider Ops

Get Ahead Of 5G

Stay ahead of monitoring growth on your customers’ network and data. Get better monitoring at reduced costs, increase subscriber profitability and ensure zero tool oversubscription. Ensure for a smooth transformation from NFV or SDN or migration from 4G/LTE to 5G/CUPS with purpose-built Service Provider solutions.

White Paper: Intelligent Traffic Management for Service Monetization and Operational Efficiency for Mobile Providers

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